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How A Chinese Website Helps You With Chinese Social Media Marketing – NiceNIC.NET

Sometimes marketing in China is no different to marketing anywhere else. Many of the same basic principles still apply. For instance, you want to be sure you’re covering all the bases, and giving your potential target market multiple ways to engage with you. You want to be undertaking a broad spectrum of marketing activities, and be visible on multiple platforms to maximise your exposure. A website may not count as social media, but when combined with it, it becomes a powerful marketing tool you cannot afford to be without.


Here’s how a Chinese website is an essential part of your social media marketing in China:


Your Chinese social media marketing hub


Your social media profiles may have a lot of followers but you need the opportunity to convert them into paying customers and clients. To do that you need a chance to explain to them what you do and why they need it. Networks like Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo aren’t the right places to do this. People don’t like being sold to on social media, but your website is the place that they would expect your sales messages and offers to be. Without a website, you could find it hard to convert your followers into customers.


Retain your followers


Your website completes your social media circle, ensuring you hold the interests of potential followers and customers for as long as possible. You don’t have space within each social media profile to link to all the other profiles that you have. By having all your social media accounts link to your website, and your website linked to all your social media accounts, you give potential users of huge number of options when it comes to finding out more about, and engaging with, your company. You can greatly increase the amount of time a visitor or follower spends learning about your company by giving them new avenues to explore.


Demonstrate your brand presence


While it is true social media accounts can drive traffic back to your website, it is also true that the same happens in reverse. People may find you through search engines, if your Chinese SEO is good enough, and be interested by your website. You can then link people to your social media accounts, so they have a number of places to go if they want to get more information about you. Having a website with strong SEO gains you more exposure which can in turn lead to greater popularity for your social media accounts. Once someone has begun to follow or engage with you on social media, you have a greater chance of being able to convert them into a customer.


Social media marketing in China


NiceNIC.NET know how to find your target market. We can find out what platforms they are on, what they like to talk about, and how to engage them. Talk to us today about your Chinese social media marketing plans.

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Chinese Xiaomi Saved Millions by Social Media Marketing – NiceNIC.NET

If ever there was a company that illustrated the power of social media marketing in China, it is Xiaomi. The domestic smartphone brand has become a major market player in China in just a few short years. As well as recognising the needs of the market and designing low-cost smartphones to meet them, Xiaomi has utilised a remarkably simple, yet highly clever, marketing strategy.


In a market where huge global brands such as Samsung and Apple throw millions of dollars at promotional strategies, Xiaomi has been able to get the attention of Chinese consumers in a very different way. We take a look at how the company managed to become China’s top-selling smartphone brand while spending virtually nothing on paid advertising.


Selfless attitude


Regardless of what country you are in, one of the easiest ways to fail at social media is to only think about yourself. The companies that do well at social media marketing in China are those who try to provide value to their fans. Xiaomi has over 8 million Weibo fans, and has amassed such a following of dedicated people, who refer to themselves as “mi fen”, through the company’s attitude of wanting to please its followers.


As Amanda Chen, Xiaomi’s global director of marketing, explains the company values social media because it’s where we can easily listen to our users, get their feedback and tell them what we think right away.


Involving fans at each stage of the process


Xiaomi have used social media marketing in China to build bridges with their fans and create a dialogue. Xiaomi uses giveaways and discounts to entice people to follow them in the first place, then gives them a say in what the company does, and responds to their comments and questions. Their fans have an input on everything from the development of new products to the ways in which those products are marketed, creating a strong connection with the brand and generating fierce loyalty.


Flash sales


With a strong social media presence, and a fanatical fan base, Xiaomi has been able to take advantage of quick-fire promotions on popular shopping days to whip buyers into a frenzy. Singles Day is China’s biggest online shopping day, with the total sales figures easily eclipsing Black Friday or Cyber Monday. In November 2014, Xiaomi launched a flash sale which saw them shift 720,000 devices in a 12-hour period, making CNY 1 billion (GBP 112 million) in revenue.


Succeed like Xiaomi


Xiaomi’s success comes from the fact that they have used social media marketing in China to create brand loyalty, generate word-of-mouth marketing, and make their fans feel involved in the way the company operates. Their success attests to the fact that an investment in time when marketing in China can be just as effective as paid-for campaigns, when approached with the right attitude and skill set.

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