A big week for end user domain name sales

A six-figure sale leads Sedo’s sales list.


Sedo had a big week for end user domain name sales. I already wrote about Sedo’s biggest end user sale of the past week, WMP.com. It was acquired by a consulting firm called West Monroe Partners. Despite the $275,000 price tag, it was a great value.


Other buyers include a bank, the group behind the SAT, and a toy maker.


Here’s the list of end user domain sales I found:

(You can view previous lists like this here.)


WMP.com $275,000 – West Monroe Partners


CB.org $28,000 – The domain forwards to CollegeBoard.org, the group behind the SAT and AP tests.


Nissei.com $22,500 – An electronics seller that uses the domain name CasaNissei.com


bs2.com $19,000 – Banco Bonsucesso S/A. It’s a lot shorter than bonsucessoinformatica.com.br!


Setoo.com $10,000 – Kamet Ventures, an insurance technology startup incubator funded by AXA. This might be for one of its new portfolio companies.


Olono.com $8,000 – An artificial intelligence company called Olono has yet to launch, but forwards the domain to Olono.ai.


MagicColor.com $7,800 – Wenzhou Times Co is a Chinese toy maker.


HighlandParkHomes.com $7,000 – Breunig Realty Group in Dallas. Highland Park is an upscale area of Dallas.


BYBE.com $5,800 – BYBE Inc., and alcohol marketing company, shortened from BYBEapp.com.


Accelerant.co $5,000 – Digital marketing company Elevated, which owns Elevated.com. It might be for a client or a marketing campaign.


Techlandia.com EUR 4,900 – The whois record has privacy, but the nameservers switched to DemandMedia.com. This makes me think this will be a new site from Leaf Group, the new name for Demand Media.


Zensi.com $4,900 – The domain resolve to a site for Zensi Extracts and says it’s coming soon.


SumUp.jp $3,999 – SumUp Holdings S.a.r.L, maker of a credit card reader, bought the Japanese country code domain to match its .com.


WendyWhite.com $3,500 – A business coach named Wendy White.


AugmentedReality.ch EUR 2,990 – The domain is resolving to a Augmented Reality site PrimeLite


CellarSpace.com $2,650 – Wine Marketplace Pty Ltd in Australia.


LaScala.com EUR 2,100 – An Italian restaurant banquet center in Dublin, Ohio.


Source from Domain Name Wire!


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