NiceNIC Switch to Hong Kong Registrar Accreditation

Dear Valued Customer,
This is your domain Registrar/Parter of NiceNIC.NET, we sincerely apologize for the trouble and inconvenience that you are undergoing.
You might have noticed the Chinese government’s requirements of real name verification on all gTLDs and new gTLDs including .COM/.NET, .BIZ, INFO, .Mobi etc.:
Verisign signs deal with China’s CNNIC for real name verification
China’s Real Name Verification Requirements Are Finally Enabled for .COM Domains
However, we have lots of customers from outside of mainland China, for example you,  who can’t provide local mainland Chinese materials to match the required real name verification, and are confronted with the situation that your domain names were suspended or will be suspended compulsorily by the Registries.
To cope with the predicament, we applied for another Registrar accreditation with ICANN as of Dec 2016, the application of our new Registrar accreditation was approved by ICANN on 14 June, 2017, the new Registrar is based on our Hong Kong company, also the right company behind our English version website, the full name of our Hong Kong company is NICENIC INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO., LIMITED, the GURID/IANA/RADAR ID of our new Regsitrar is 3765, please refer to

Before we got the new Registrar accreditation, your domain names were registered with our first Registrar, namely GuangDong NaiSiNiKe Information Technology Co Ltd, a mainland China company. In the next few days, we will complete the new registrar’s .com/.net, .org, .biz, .info, .mobi etc domain names’ OTE testing. Now, we request you to transfer the suspended domain names to our new Registrar to keep off the real name verification and domain suspension. When we complete the OTE testing, we will inform you again if you permit.
The domain transfers would be instant and very convenient, but per ICANN’s policy, you would be required to pay for one-year renewal fee, the transfer process is same as usual way, please visit
If we can figure out better solutions to solve the issue and not let you transfer and renew domain names, we will do. Unfortunately, we are very sorry that we can’t find a better solution.
Your patience, understanding and support will be greatly appreciated.
Kindest regards,
Cici Leung
NiceNIC.NET Team
ICANN & CNNIC & HKIRC Accredited Registrar
Shared Hosting & Dedicated Server Provider (HK)

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