Registrar NiceNIC.NET Accept BitCoin Now

Dear Valued Customer,

This is NiceNIC.NET, your private domain Registrar and hosting Provider, may good business and good health be always with you!
Many of you expressed that you hoped to make payment by BitCoin in the past year.


Registrar NiceNIC.NET Accept BitCoin Now


Now, we figure out a solution to meet your requirements, there are only 4 steps:


#1 Please buy CNY, also called Chinese Yuan, on BitCoin trading platform, then #2 ask the CNY seller to deposit money to the following Alipay account:


Alipay Email Address:
Beneficiary: 广东耐思尼克信息技术有限公司


When the CNY seller make the deposit, please be sure that you would #3 ask the seller to give you a payment receipt, which should include the Alipay transaction ID, a long string of numbers. Then #4 please submit a ticket through by attaching the receipt in .JPG format (not support .PNG format).


When we receive your ticket, our billing team will be informed to check whether we receive the payment at Alipay or not. When your payment is confirmed, our billing team will credit your account in time.


The entire payment process by BitCoin is easy to handle, just give it a try!


If you have any question or concern, please feel free to contact us.


Kindest regards,
Customer Support Team
ICANN & CNNIC & HKIRC Accredited Registrar
Shared Hosting & Dedicated Server Provider (HK)


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