.HK Domain Fee Adjustment effective 26 Oct 2015

Dear Valued Customer, Partner,

At 2015-8-25 18:15:00 (UTC+8), we were notified by the Hong Kong Registry of a “Fee Adjustment ” on the bundles of .HK  .” and “.COM.HK – .公司.“:

Dear Registrar,


Since the launch of Registrar Accreditation Program in 2011, HKIRC has been trying to make the registration fees of .hk domain names as affordable as possible. We therefore reduced the fee twice in 2012 and 2013 respectively. 

However, as the costs of providing service have increased substantially, we have no choice but to adjust the registration and reinstatement fee to the original level to keep providing quality service to our registrars. 

.HK Domain Fee Adjustment effective 26 Oct 2015 - www.nicenic.net

Effective from 26 October 2015, items on our fee schedule will be changed:

#1 the first year new registration fee will remain unchanged;

#2 fee for second year or later new registration, and Renewal will have a 70% Rise:

.HK Domain Fee Adjustment effective 26 Oct 2015 - www.nicenic.net

In preparation for the adjustment of fee for .hk and .香港 domain names, our Registrar Agreement will be revised to Version 4.1, effective on 26 October 2015 HKT. The only change is the adjustment of domain name renewal and reinstatement fee in Section 2B of Schedule 4.

Best regards, 

Customer Service Department

Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited

Based on the Hong Kong Registry’s notification, the “Fee Adjustment ” on the bundles of “.HK – .香港” and “.COM.HK – .公司.香港” with NiceNIC.NET will be as follows:

.HK – .香港

.COM.HK – .公司.香港

Per Bundle (US$)

VIP Account

Super Account

Basic Account

Market Account

New Registration (first year)





New Registration (second year or later) or Renewal (per year)





We thank you for your attention and understanding!

And we strongly suggest you to register and renew your domain names of .HK  .香港” and “.COM.HK – .公司.香港 in advance, at least before the “Fee Adjustment” comes into effect (26 October 2015).

.HK Domain Fee Adjustment effective 26 Oct 2015 - www.nicenic.net

Please feel free to contact us via Ticket or email to support@nicenic.net should there be any queries.

Kind regards,

Operation Team


ICANN & CNNIC & HKIRC Accredited Registrar
Shared Hosting & Dedicated Server Provider (HK)

– See more at: http://nicenic.net/news/messview.php?ID=17728


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