Chinese P2P Company Acquires New Domain Name P2P.CN – NiceNIC.NET

China’s P2P Financial Information Service Company Ltd. has purchased a new domain name for CNY 5 million.

P2P Financial Information Service (Shenzhen) signed a domain purchase agreement with Tao Chengcheng, owner of the domain name.

P2P Financial Information Service said that the transaction will help the company’s development strategy; effectively promote its development of Internet finance-related industries and core businesses; and gradually divest non-core businesses. The company will optimize its business product structure; better focus on the development of core businesses; and improve operating efficiency.

Meanwhile, the domain name transaction will not bring substantial effect to the production or management of the company.

At the beginning of May 2015, Duolun Industry renamed itself to P2P Financial Information Service Co., Ltd.

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.HK Domain Fee Adjustment effective 26 Oct 2015

Dear Valued Customer, Partner,

At 2015-8-25 18:15:00 (UTC+8), we were notified by the Hong Kong Registry of a “Fee Adjustment ” on the bundles of .HK  .” and “.COM.HK – .公司.“:

Dear Registrar,


Since the launch of Registrar Accreditation Program in 2011, HKIRC has been trying to make the registration fees of .hk domain names as affordable as possible. We therefore reduced the fee twice in 2012 and 2013 respectively. 

However, as the costs of providing service have increased substantially, we have no choice but to adjust the registration and reinstatement fee to the original level to keep providing quality service to our registrars. 

.HK Domain Fee Adjustment effective 26 Oct 2015 -

Effective from 26 October 2015, items on our fee schedule will be changed:

#1 the first year new registration fee will remain unchanged;

#2 fee for second year or later new registration, and Renewal will have a 70% Rise:

.HK Domain Fee Adjustment effective 26 Oct 2015 -

In preparation for the adjustment of fee for .hk and .香港 domain names, our Registrar Agreement will be revised to Version 4.1, effective on 26 October 2015 HKT. The only change is the adjustment of domain name renewal and reinstatement fee in Section 2B of Schedule 4.

Best regards, 

Customer Service Department

Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited

Based on the Hong Kong Registry’s notification, the “Fee Adjustment ” on the bundles of “.HK – .香港” and “.COM.HK – .公司.香港” with NiceNIC.NET will be as follows:

.HK – .香港

.COM.HK – .公司.香港

Per Bundle (US$)

VIP Account

Super Account

Basic Account

Market Account

New Registration (first year)





New Registration (second year or later) or Renewal (per year)





We thank you for your attention and understanding!

And we strongly suggest you to register and renew your domain names of .HK  .香港” and “.COM.HK – .公司.香港 in advance, at least before the “Fee Adjustment” comes into effect (26 October 2015).

.HK Domain Fee Adjustment effective 26 Oct 2015 -

Please feel free to contact us via Ticket or email to should there be any queries.

Kind regards,

Operation Team


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NiceNIC.NET website Accelerated by Baidu Cloud

Dear Valued Customer, Partner,

Recently, we received much feedback from some of you, and learn that our website NiceNIC.NET’s front-end or back-end (control panel) was loading slowly in your end or stuck at the payment stage.

Our senior tech team paid high attention to your feedback, and already took quick action to find solutions. Finally, our senior tech team decided to take advantage of the latest technology of “Baidu Cloud Acceleration” ( after doing lots of testing and comparison.

The only deficiency of “Baidu Cloud Acceleration” is that it does not allow SSL, namely the link of is disabled mandatorily. Nonetheless, all operations you executed on website are still secured, your domain names and other products are safe, please rest assured!

In the meanwhile, we sincerely request you to assist us to do further testing and let us know how our website NiceNIC.NET is running now for you, you are welcome to send us Email at or submit ticket through your control panel.

Your time, understanding, trust and help will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Customer Service Dept.

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Here comes .Sex domain – NiceNIC.NET

Trademark holders can now claim domain names ending in .sex.

Dot SexICM Registry has started the sunrise for its latest adult-themed domain name, .sex. .Sex joins .xxx, .adult and .porn in the company’s stable of top level domain names.

As with .adult and .porn, there will be a unique Sunrise B and Domain Matching period.

The traditional sunrise is now underway and will end October 1. During this period, brand holders must have a mark registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse in order to claim a corresponding .sex domain name.

The combined Sunrise B/Domain Matching phase will run October 5 through October 30. During this phase, companies that paid to block a .xxx domain during the .xxx sunrise B blocking program can claim a domain. Also, anyone who owns a .xxx domain name can register the corresponding .sex domain name. Companies can register an .xxx domain during September and still qualify for domain matching.

General availability starts November 4.

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