Google uses now part of Alphabet – NiceNIC.NET

Google announced a new holding company called Alphabet today, and it’s using the domain name

This is a huge win for Daniel Negari’s .xyz, and new top level domains in general.

Google will be part of Alphabet, but some of the company’s more long term bets will be separate companies operating under Alphabet.

Reading Larry Page’s intro note on, I couldn’t help but compare it to, the fictitious company from HBO’s Silicon Valley that is modeled somewhat after Google. (As it turns out, links to

I don’t think will be used much since it’s just the holding company’s name, but it could possibly become the email address for some employees. It will also likely be used for all investor information and announcements in the future.

I suspect the domain name sold for six figures. is owned by BMW. is owned, of course, by the entertainment company.

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