ICANN Partners With Chinese Data Center Against Cyber Attacks – NiceNIC.NET

ICANN and Chinese Internet research center ZDNS’s recent collaboration led to the installation of a new L-Root service which is supposed to increase the network’s resistance against various sorts of attacks (such as DDoS).

ICANN Partners With Chinese Data Center Against Cyber Attacks - www.nicenic.net

This was possible by the Chinese counterpart offering the logistic part while ICANN provided the technology necessary to implement the L-root instance.

According to the director of ZDNS, what is expected eventually is a greater performance of theChinese Internet services and a much more improved framework.

At the same time, this should lead to a better enhanced security and a faster reaction time for Internet queries, after other collaborations with Chinese partners to instal L-Root instances (there are currently thirteen of them in China).

Computers usually transmit information by using addresses under the form of numbers, whereas people prefer using names. It is considered that there will be a greater efficiency to spread the root information in a geographic way and to duplicate the servers, so this is why ICANN will get involved more in the future to increase overall security.

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