125.com becomes Highest reported Domain Sale – NiceNIC.NET

A Chinese domain trading platform had a big one Saturday, 125.com close today at $292,136, there were 321 bids.

125.com becomes Highest reported Domain Sale - www.nicenic.net

The top 10 sales posted:

(currency exchange rate: 1RMB = .1611 USD)

125.com 1,815,000 RMB

357.com – 995,889 RMB, August 2014

xy.com – 948,000 RMB, December 2011

zy.com – 901,000 RMB, November 2011

mingshi.com – 891,000 RMB, January 2015

102.com – 831,000 RMB, August 2014

103.com – 802,000 RMB, August 2014

886.com – 688,888 RMB, November 2011

kq.com – 638,000 RMB, December 2012

920.com – 589,888 RMB, Feb 2014

So you can see that 125.com almost doubled the previous high sale 357.com.

The domain name 125.com was registered in 1997 and dropped twice before that.

Up until July 2013 the domain was registered to a Richard Brodie out of Vermont, the domain went under privacy but the name servers stayed the same.

Congrats to the seller on topping the charts!
Marketing Team
ICANN CNNIC HKIRC Accredited Registrar

– See more at: http://nicenic.net/news/messview.php?ID=17341


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