2015 DOMAINfest held in Macau China – NiceNIC.NET

2015 DOMAINfest held in Macau China - www.nicenic.net

Domain name conference heads to China in a few months.

I’ve been a bit confused by NamesCon’s strategy with DOMAINfest after acquiring the brand. The one day add-ons to existing domain name conferences haven’t made much sense to me.

But now DOMAINfest is hosting a complete conference, this time in Macau, China.

DOMAINfest.Asia is being staged by the NamesCon, Simon Cousins’ Allegravita and .Asia. Allegravita has been staging events in Macau for over ten years, and Cousins tells me he hopes to bring together the Chinese domain name market with the rest of the world.

DOMAINfest.Asia will take place September 4-7, 2015. Details (including venue) are forthcoming.


2015 DOMAINfest held in Macau China - www.nicenic.net

I am delighted to announce that we’re collaborating with the amazing teams at Allegravita and DotAsia to take the DOMAINfest brand to Macau and debut the very first DOMAINfest event in Asia!  The Chinese Marketplace is an area of strong growth and innovation, which made the choice simple for us on where to hold the first Asia DOMAINfest event, and we are pleased to be receiving support from the Internet Society of China in bringing this event together.

September 4 through 7, 2015 will be “DOMAINfest Asia”, which bring the important world of Domain Names to the forefront of technology discussions.

I hope to see you in Macau!

– Jothan Frakes

Marketing Team
ICANN CNNIC HKIRC Accredited Registrar


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