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Posted by ANDREW ALLEMANN at DomainNameWire.COM on MAY 27, 2015

Here’s what companies and people want to see ICANN’s outgoing CEO accomplish before he leaves the post.

What Fadi Chehade should do in his last year as ICANN's CEO - www.nicenic.net

ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade made the surprise announcement last week that he would step down from his role as CEO of the organization next March. I reached out to a number of companies and people in the ICANN community to ask what they would most like to see Chehade accomplish in this last ten months at the head of the internet group.

Elliot Noss, CEO of Tucows:

If Fadi were to take practical steps to get registrars, registries, IP and law enforcement working together more effectively I think that could have the most lasting impact.

Jon Nevett, EVP Corporate Affairs, Donuts:

Fadi has the opportunity to successfully complete his strong tenure by focusing on the two major initiatives: the IANA transition and the new gTLD program.

The transition won’t be fully complete by his departure, but he must focus the community on developing credible accountability mechanisms before setting the organization on a final course to finish the transition.

The current gTLD round must be completed before he leaves—some gTLDs still are unresolved.

Becky Burr, Deputy General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer, Neustar:

Bring the IANA stewardship transition across the finish line by supporting the community’s consensus development processes and embracing proposed community empowerment and accountability reforms. In addition, deliver on ICANN’s promises to enhance operational excellence.

Kurt Pritz, Domain Name Association:

Fadi has the opportunity to move several important initiatives from “in-process” to “complete”. Only ICANN is resourced and situated to immediately support this urgent communications effort.

Complete the gTLD round: launch all remaining new domain name registries (push to resolve all remaining contention sets).

Fadi should support industry led initiatives to combat domain name abuses rather than rely on difficult to form contract provisions and ICANN compliance.

Finally, implement effective, community-developed accountability mechanisms as a pre-requisite to completing the IANA transition.

Michele Neylon, CEO of Blacknight:

With 10 months left in his tenure I suspect it’ll be quite hard for him to accomplish any new goals, but there are several projects that he should be able to bring close to completion.

The two main ones would be the IANA transition and the work on accountability.

And the only way that the transition can realistically proceed is if the “accountability’ work is completed. In other words, that broad community feels that ICANN as an organisation has matured enough to be accountable for its actions.

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– See more at: http://nicenic.net/news/messview.php?ID=17138


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