On July 8, 2015 the .so Shared Registry System will be migrated to the Cloud Registry platform and operation will be transferred to the Somali Network Information Center (SONIC).

In conjunction with the move, the Registry will implement new policies that will significantly modify registration eligibility and introduce new restrictions on content and usage.

At the same time, the registry will ramp up abusive use monitoring and enforcement of acceptable use policies.

Ahead of these changes, the registry will halt new registrations indefinitely and increase renewal fees.


May 7, 2015:
Request for Consent to Assignment of RRA sent out to registrars

May 15, 2015:
New .so OT&E environment available to registrars who execute RRA assignment

June 9, 2015 03:00 UTC
Registry stops accepting new registrations in .so
Renewals in .so limited to a maximum of one year
Renewal fee increas

July 8, 2015 03:00 UTC
GMO Registry closes access to the .so Shared Registry System, in preparation for migration
(The new registry platform will open shortly after SONIC will provide details shortly)

– See more at:


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