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Internet Plus: Chinese Premier Li's New Tech Tool -

Posted at on Mar 13, 2015:

Internet Plus” – a fresh notion mentioned by Premier Li Keqiang on March 5 in the government work report – has become a hot topic among people working in China’s Internet industry. This is especially true for the industry’s big names for the opportunities it might bring.

“We will develop the ‘Internet Plus‘ action plan to integrate the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things with modern manufacturing, to encourage the healthy development of e-commerce, industrial networks, and Internet banking, and to guide Internet-based companies to increase their presence in the international market,” Premier Li said in the report.

  Internet Plus: Chinese Premier Li's New Tech Tool -

As the Premier has said, encouraging popular entrepreneurship is one measure the government has adopted to address the downward pressure faced by the Chinese economy amid the sluggish recovery of the global economy.

Statistics have shown that the Internet industry has greatly contributed to the 13.22 million new urban jobs China created over the last year.

The role it played in promoting the development of small- and micro-sized businesses is obvious. Early in 2013, Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, told the Premier that Alibaba, with more than 20,000 employees, has indirectly facilitated the employment of a 10 million population.

Yu Yang, CEO of industry consultancy Analysys International, told Southern Weekly that in the future,40 percent of China’s GDP will be contributed by traditional enterprises that have realized theutilization of Internet platforms and technologies.

In fact, China’s decision-makers in recent years have started to invite leaders of Internet companies to attend economic symposiums.

Besides Jack Ma, Xiaomi’s co-founder and CEO Lei Jun, Tencent founder and Chairman Pony Ma, founder of e-commerce company Inc Liu Qiangdong and Sohu CEO Zhang Chaoyang have been invited by Li.

It was during an economic symposium last July that Lei Jun suggested lifting up the Internet to a national strategic level, a proposal also previously made by other bosses.

Unexpectedly, the “Internet Plus” appeared in this year’s two sessions.

China held the first World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, an ancient town in Zhejiang province, in November. It was an effort to strive for a bigger say in the Internet world.

More than 1,000 cyberspace officials, specialists and business tycoons from more than 100 countries and regions gathered in Wuzhen to discuss Internet issues.

And China is not the only economy that attaches great importance to the Internet.

In a speech at Stanford University, US President Barack Obama calls cyberspace the new “Wild West”, with everyone looking to the government to be the sheriff.

“China’s ‘Internet Plus‘ action plan is a little bit like the upgraded version of Washington’s information superhighway strategy,” Yu Yang told Southern Weekly.

But he suggested the regulators to take an open-minded attitude toward the development of the Internet.

Pony Ma believes that the “Internet Plus” should be based on good infrastructure construction, which includes the infrastructure of network and data.

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Can Internet Plus really save China? – NiceNIC.NET

Can Internet Plus really save China? -

Premier Li Keqiang has stressed the need for more state investment in the internet sector. Photo: Reuters

Posted by George Chen, managing editor of International Edition, on Mar 08, 2015:

Beijing apparently believes it has finally found the right formula for economic transformation after discussing it for many years without any significant progress. Premier Li Keqiang‘s so-called Internet Plus strategy.

In Li’s presentation of his working report at the annual session of the National People’s Congress, he spent some time explaining his scheme, which focuses on internet-powered start-ups and how new technology can be applied to traditional sectors.

Communist Party mouthpiece the People’s Daily described Li’s strategy as being as important as the Industrial Revolution. I admire such ambition, but I also have reservations.

Outside the Great Hall of the People, it is easy to see the impact of internet-related business on the nation’s economy.

Interest in China’s homegrown internet industry leaders, including Pony Ma Huateng of Tencent, one of the mainland’s leading portals, and Robin Li Yanhong of Baidu, known as the “Google of China”, far exceeds interest in the bosses of China’s Big Four state-owned banks.

Last week in Beijing, when Ma, an NPC delegate, tried to organise a small media briefing, about 200 reporters rushed to meet him, asking questions about everything from his own business to national economic development.

In comparison, Zhang Jianguo, chief of China Construction Bank, one of the Big Four, joked in front of Premier Li last week that big banks had become a “weak force” and less popular, suggesting a lack of government policy support.

Ma is clearly a big fan of Internet Plus. “The internet has opened new frontiers including internet finance, medical services and education that didn’t exist before. It should also be extended to traditional industries like manufacturing, energy and agriculture,” he said.

Economic transformation is a must as the country cannot simply rely on cheap domestic labour and foreign investments to maintain high growth. On the other hand, the internet may help China open new frontiers for business as Ma suggested, but Beijing apparently does not want to make all content on the internet available to its large population.

We all know the key thing about the internet is freedom. If Beijing misses the point and continues to censor access to information, Premier Li’s new Internet Plus strategy will probably just get more Chinese to shop online rather than have any significant and long-term impact on the country’s long-awaited economic transformation.

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A Domain Name Auction in China – NiceNIC.NET

These are some of the Chinese domain name investors buying your domains.

The domain name market in China is hot and is driving major price appreciation, especially in short domain names.

What’s the Chinese domain name community like?

A lot like that in other parts of the world.

It has its own “big personalities” and players.

It also has its own gatherings and domain name auctions.

In April 2015, Domainer’s Circle organized a live domain name auction in Beijing that attracted 200-300 people.

Chinese domain name investor DENG Yusing chronicled the event, and you can see results and pictures here and here.

The top sale from the event was for 1,470,000 CNY ($237,000 USD).

Photos from the auction look a lot like that of a live domain name auction in the United States, even down to the attractive models hired to liven up the show.

Sponsors included Verisign, CNNIC and the .Top registry.


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News Stories Generate Domain Name Registrations – NiceNIC.NET

Nepal, Cuba and IoT are trending in domain names

Verisign has released its list of trending terms in .com and .net domain name registrations last month.

News stories generate domain name registrations. A couple of terms are directly related to news stories:

Nepal, which is recovering from earthquakes, came in at #8.
Cuba, which is being opened up even more to the United States, ranked #4.
IoT, short for Internet of Things, ranked #6.

News Stories Generate Domain Name Registrations - NiceNIC.NET

Here are the top 10 trending terms in .com, which means they showed the biggest jump in registrations:

1. guys
2. degree
3. download
4. cuba
5. method
6. iot
7. accident
8. nepal
9. miley
10. icbc

And the top 10 in .net:

1. repair
2. tshirt
3. stock
4. tshirts
5. cannabis
6. appliance
7. option
8. marijuana
9. icon
10. lets


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