Your comment and website will show on the homepage – NiceNIC.NET

Dear Valued Customer,

This is from your domain Registrar and hosting Provider of NiceNIC.NET, my name is Amber Yin, I am the lead designer in the NiceNIC.NET Team.

According to our company management’s decision, we need collect feedback from our customers about “how you like our customer service, technical support, product design, purchase process, website user experience etc.” in order to better serve our customers in the future.

At the meeting, I was assigned to be mainly responsible for collecting information and updating the section of “People really like us!” on the homepage of NiceNIC.NET.

I request to take up your 2 minutes and hope you could Email us at support @ nicenic . net, tell us how you like NiceNIC.NET and what name, website URL that you wanna display under the section of “People really like us!”.

Morever, I will have our programmers stand by and let them show your comments by turns in our website’s homepage via the programming codes.

We much appreciate your attention, time and help!

Amber, Lead Designer
NiceNIC.NET Team
ICANN CNNIC HKIRC Accredited Registrar

– See more at:


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