12 Reasons to Register Chinese Domain Names with NiceNIC.NET

Welcome to the party of Chinese domain names, .CN domain names, .中国(.China) domain names!


It will be not difficulty for you to find the benefits & advantages to register Chinese domain names with NiceNIC.NET:


1. Local Chinese CNNIC Accredited Registrar, quality service guaranteed, free registrar lock to avoid domain transfer out in bad faith;


2. The lowest pricing, please refer to http://nicenic.net/customer/pricing.php. With other registrar, you need to pay even 10 times more per year per .CN;


3. The quickest registration, instant activation. With other registrar, you need to submit materials/documents, scanning or mailing, and wait for at least 3 business days before the Chinese domain registration is completed;


4. NiceNIC’s trustee service is lifelong FREE. With other registrar, trustee service will be never free;


5. NiceNIC’s trustee service keeps you away from the red-tape verification process, no materials/documents required;


6. NiceNIC’s trustee service protect your privacy information, we take your identity and contact information seriously;


7. NiceNIC’s trustee service will NOT affect your owning/possessing/managing/transferring/renewing the Chinese domain names;


8. FREE URL redirect, FREE URL forwarding, simple steps: My Account > My Domain > Manage > DNS Records > Url redirect > Update > Restart NDNS;


9. FREE nameserver registration, we help you register nameservers like ns1.mychinesedomain.cn, ns2.mychinesedomain.cn, please simply tell us what IP address you hope the nameserves to be registered with;


10. Never-say-NO customer service, NiceNIC.NET staffs are nice, patient, honest, sincere, faithful and hardworking;


11. NiceNIC.NET is the ONLY CNNIC accredited registrar who can support English website, English control center, English customer service in China;


12. No registrar in the whole world would know better about Chinese domain names, Chinese policies than NiceNIC.NET … ..


You can name out MORE!


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