Some Interesting .Email Domain Registrations – NiceNIC.NET

Some Interesting .Email Domain Registrations - NiceNIC.NET


Reported by TheDomains:


The Dallas Cowboys which has an illustrious history when it comes to domain names, just missed again not applying for the domain name, in Sunrise and the owner of the domain is now Cowboys Concert Hall, Inc  which is also out of Dallas.

Another big company that missed on getting their .Email domain, is the car maker Bentley, that didn’t register the domain during email and the domain is owned by Bentley Art Gallery in Phoenix.

Some political domain names were registered all under privacy including,, and

There were quiet a few religious email domains registered including,, and

Apple registered

One person registered the domain names,, that are all parked at Bodis. was not registered by the agency or the US government.

Some of these are Sunrise applications placed by brands yet others were acquired during one of the premium first 5 days of registration.

My favorite domain off the list is


My second favorite registration is who can now be used by its owner,  Vincent Kennedy of Portland Oregon

Some Interesting .Email Domain Registrations - NiceNIC.NET

Here are some others:    Aloha.Email    Alternative.Email    American.Email    Aperto.Email    Ask.Email

Audi.Email  Better.Email  Big.Email  Bitcoin.Email  Broadway.Email  Bulldogs.Email  Cars.Email

Compliance.Email    Cruise.Email    Daily.Email    Deals.Email    Escada.Email    Fast.Email

Hawaii.Email  Healthcare.Email  Hiphop.Email  Holland.Email  Hosted.Email  Jobs.Email  Joke.Email

Legal.Email    Lovelace.Email    Lucky.Email    Luxury.Email    Manage.Email

Maserati.Email  Maui.Email  Mlm.Email  Mma.Email  Munich.Email  Nashville.Email  NewYork.Email

Phuket.Email    Portland.Email    Reminder.Email    Roar.Email    Safe.Email    Sanfrancisco.Email

Tesla.Email   Texas.Email    Ticket.Email   Top.Email   Total.Email   Trash.Email   Trusted.Email

Urgent.Email    Visual.Email  Weekly.Email   Attorney.Email   Formula1.Email   Secured.Email


Marvel.Email registered by Marvel Characters, Inc



ICANN Accredited Registrar


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