Finally, goes Chinese! – NiceNIC.NET

Now, Chinese IDNs like .中国(.China), .香港(.HK) can be parked, listed, searched and accepted for sale on the world’s biggest domain auction platform of SEDO.COM!

Finally, goes Chinese! - NiceNIC.NET

After at least 2 years of trying to get Sedo to see there were other characters to the right of the dot it looks like the link up with the “new gtld Chinese” domain names has pushed them in to doing something.

We have been able to add (.hk) ASCII & (.china), they are showing in the account and appears they have been accepted for sale!
Currently, most of the time to domains are forwarded to what is called a “zero click lander” site, in this case always for some reason? Perhaps this is because there are no advertisers although a few times they went to normal Sedo parking pages so not sure what is going on yet.

Early days.

—- Blogged by one of NiceNIC.NET’s faithful friends (aka “Wot” on forums), admin/owner of, 红旗.com,,,


Though the specific reason why SEDO finally put “Chinese IDN parking” as priority in their loooooong & fuuuuuuuuuuul schedule didn’t go public, I ponder SEDO might be aware of the “intense & eager desire” for sure from Chinese IDN domainers like Wot, Chinese IDN Registrars like NiceNIC.NET, Chinese New gTLD Registries like TLDRegistry etc.

Anyway, BIG congratulations to all Chinese IDN lovers and thank SEDO.COM for the great job!

Finally, goes Chinese! - NiceNIC.NET

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