2nd round Domain Sales across China – BABY.CN sells for $410,872 – NiceNIC.NET

The second round premium domain auction across China already concluded as a BIG sucess. BABY.CN, QILU.COM and SHUNFENG.COM stood out with final biddings surpassing million.
(* For information about the “first round”, please refer to “Jan-Feb 2014 Chinese Domain Auction Results [Final Version]“)

2nd round Domain Sales across China - NiceNIC.NET

Baby.cn was the highest selling domain name at 2.53 million cny(US$410,872); QiLu.com ended in bidding 1.98 million cny(US$321,552) and ranked second to Baby.cn, QiLu is another name for “Shangdong”, a big province of China; the highest bid for ShunFeng.com was 1.06 million cny(US$172,144) and ShunFeng is a famous express company in China.

Other interesting domain name sales include:
(* The first number is the sale price in Chinese Yuan,  second number is the one I converted to US Dollars. The conversion rate of roughly 1 Chinese Yuan = .1624 USD)

126.cn  680,000    $110,432
(126: hot & free Email service in China, please refer to 126.com)

jin.cn  555,000   $90,132
(jin: means “gold”, “powerful” in Chinese Pinyin)

meizhuang.com  490,000   $79,576
(meizhuang: a double Pinyin, means “beauty makeup” in Chinese)

rose.cn  480,000   $77,952

5855.com  465,000   $75,516

cb.cn  455,000   $73,892
(CB: abreviation from “China Bike”, “China Business”, please refer to chinabike.net & cb.com.cn)

xiaowei.com  455,000   $73,892

(XiaoWei: a household name in China)

Thanks for attention!


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