How many new TLDs will you register? – NiceNIC.NET

Answer this question on the 9th annual Domain Name Wire survey.

This year’s Domain Name Wire Survey has additional questions about top level domain names now that new ones are finally rolling off the assembly line.

By taking the survey, you’ll answer questions such as:


* Of all of the new top level domain names you’ve heard about, which is your favorite?


* Of all the new TLDs you’ve heard about, which do you think will get the most registrations?


* What impact will the introduction of new top level domain names have on existing TLDs other than .com?


* What will the release of new top level domain names do to the value of existing .com domain names?


* How many second level domains in these new extensions do you plan to register for yourself or on behalf of your company in 2014?


* On average, how many second level registrations do you expect each new TLD to have one year after general availability for the domain starts?



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Neustar acquired .CO for $109 million – NiceNIC.NET

Reported by DomainNameWire:


Neustar pays $109 million for registry that runs .CO domain name.

Domain name registry of .BIZ – Neustar has acquired .CO Internet S.A.S and associated assets for $109 million.

.CO Internet, which commercialized the .CO domain name starting in 2010, exited last year with an annual revenue run rate of $21 million.

[See more: Why Neustar paid $109 million for .CO Internet.]

The registry of .CO Internet has over 1.6 million .CO domain names currently registered. Registrars price .Co registrations typically 2-3 times higher than .com domain names.

.CO spends aggressively on marketing, even appearing in three Super Bowls in conjunction with domain registrar GoDaddy. In addition to getting the .Co domain name base, Neustar is getting a team that has proven itself adept at marketing. Neustar is typically known in the domain business for its technical competency rather than marketing prowess.

The .Co domain name is about to enter an interesting period where it faces additional competition from new top level domain names. At the same time, Neustar is in jeopardy of losing a lucrative telephone contract and is in search of additional revenue streams.

Neustar is already the backend registry provider for .Co and earned about $4 million in that role last year.

The acquisition does not include and Nu dot Co LLC (applicant for a handful of new TLDs).



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What will Amazon do with .Domains domain names? – NiceNIC.NET

Reported by DomainNameWire:

What will Amazon do with .Domains domain names? - NiceNIC.NET grabs .domains domains corresponding to its new top level domain applications.

What will Amazon do with .Domains domain names? - NiceNIC.NET has registered corresponding .domains domain names for each of the 65 Latin script top level domain names it has applied for.

All of the registrations follow the format, e.g.,, and

This is an interesting move that adds to the complicated question of what plans to do with its domain names. It wants to run all of its domain names in a closed model, meaning the domains are only used by So what is the purpose of owning domains that would be used for marketing domain names to the public?

Perhaps this is just a case of’s brand protection efforts getting out of hand. But I’m also inclined to weigh it in my analysis of what the heck is planning to do with its domain names.



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Some Interesting .Email Domain Registrations – NiceNIC.NET

Some Interesting .Email Domain Registrations - NiceNIC.NET


Reported by TheDomains:


The Dallas Cowboys which has an illustrious history when it comes to domain names, just missed again not applying for the domain name, in Sunrise and the owner of the domain is now Cowboys Concert Hall, Inc  which is also out of Dallas.

Another big company that missed on getting their .Email domain, is the car maker Bentley, that didn’t register the domain during email and the domain is owned by Bentley Art Gallery in Phoenix.

Some political domain names were registered all under privacy including,, and

There were quiet a few religious email domains registered including,, and

Apple registered

One person registered the domain names,, that are all parked at Bodis. was not registered by the agency or the US government.

Some of these are Sunrise applications placed by brands yet others were acquired during one of the premium first 5 days of registration.

My favorite domain off the list is


My second favorite registration is who can now be used by its owner,  Vincent Kennedy of Portland Oregon

Some Interesting .Email Domain Registrations - NiceNIC.NET

Here are some others:    Aloha.Email    Alternative.Email    American.Email    Aperto.Email    Ask.Email

Audi.Email  Better.Email  Big.Email  Bitcoin.Email  Broadway.Email  Bulldogs.Email  Cars.Email

Compliance.Email    Cruise.Email    Daily.Email    Deals.Email    Escada.Email    Fast.Email

Hawaii.Email  Healthcare.Email  Hiphop.Email  Holland.Email  Hosted.Email  Jobs.Email  Joke.Email

Legal.Email    Lovelace.Email    Lucky.Email    Luxury.Email    Manage.Email

Maserati.Email  Maui.Email  Mlm.Email  Mma.Email  Munich.Email  Nashville.Email  NewYork.Email

Phuket.Email    Portland.Email    Reminder.Email    Roar.Email    Safe.Email    Sanfrancisco.Email

Tesla.Email   Texas.Email    Ticket.Email   Top.Email   Total.Email   Trash.Email   Trusted.Email

Urgent.Email    Visual.Email  Weekly.Email   Attorney.Email   Formula1.Email   Secured.Email


Marvel.Email registered by Marvel Characters, Inc



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.Com Passes 113 Million Registrations – NiceNIC.NET


.Com Passes 113 Million Registrations - NiceNIC.NET

According to, the operator of the .Com registry the number of .Com domain names just broke the 113 Million mark for the first time.

The official number at the last Verisigninc update was 113,002,815.

According to the number of new gTLD registrations are over 332,000

Register .COM Domain Names with NiceNIC.NET

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Radix Awards Contracts for .Website, .Host, .Space, and .Press to CentralNic – NiceNIC.NET

Radix Awards Contracts for .Website, .Host, .Space, and .Press to CentralNic - NiceNIC.NET


Radix Awards Contracts for .Website, .Host, .Space, and .Press to CentralNic - NiceNIC.NET


CentralNic Group PLC has exclusively signed a Registry Service Provision contract with Radix Registry (“Radix”), for its four uncontested new gTLDs: .website, .press, .host or .space.

ARI  Registry had the contract for these four string before this announcement

.website is a true alternative to the .com TLD; it is open and available to all for the full range of possible uses.

.press TLD will provide its users with a platform to share opinions and disseminate information. The primary target market will comprise of journalists, bloggers, media professionals, news providers and book publishers

.host is aimed to be the extension of choice for web hosts, Approved Scanning Vendors (“ASVs”), Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”), cloud service providers and other such entities

.space will serve to provide both individuals and organisations across the globe with a blank canvas to create their own online space

The first of the Radix TLDs is expected to launch through CentralNic in Q2 2014.

Domain name retailers around the world will obtain .website, .host, .space and .press domain names via the CentralNic platform to sell to end users.

NiceNIC.NET – Radix & CentralNIC Accredited Registrar

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Chinese New gTLDs Live Auction in Macau [PIC INSIDE] – NiceNIC.NET

… … Stay tuned!

Casino.DotChineseOnline goes for $25,000 at @MacauAuction

Bitcoin domain auction is hot!

CLUB bidding action in room vs online.

Auction guests ready for action!

Bidders who flew many hours to attend our auction.

The auction is starting!


We’re preparing for our major auction event at the Galaxy, Macau!

Entrance to China Rouge, our auction venue.


New TLD applicant plans big launch party and live auction in Macau.

It’s going to be really difficult for new top level domain backers to get much attention for their launches in an environment where multiple TLDs are launching every week.Chinese IDN TLDs live auction in Macau -

But TLD Registry, which is launching Chinese equivalents of online (.在线) and website (.中文网) is going all in with a two day celebration and live domain name auction.

The event is scheduled for March 20-21 at the Galaxy Macau, a five star resort in the tourist and gambling destination. It is timed to precede the ICANN meeting taking place in Singapore (23-27 March 2014).

Chinese New gTLDs Live Auction in Macau - NiceNIC.NET

(Speaking of timing, all of the key dates of the domains’ launch, including sunrise, landrush and general availability, are planned to land on “lucky days” in the Chinese culture.)

The event will also include a live domain name auction that will have online bidding via Sedo.

Details about the event are here in English and here in Chinese.


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