Feb 2014 Top .CN Domain Name Sales

The 2nd Hottest topic in recent Chinese domain market is the public auctions of tens of thousands of .CN, .COM.CN and .China(in Chinese) domain names that were NOT reserved by CNNIC.

(Note: For the 1st Hottest, please pay attention to NiceNIC.NET’s News Center)

Feb 2014 Top .CN Domain Name Sales - NiceNIC.NET
See below the Top .CN Domain Name Sales in February 2014 and their final bidding prices in CNY:

126.cn      680,000

rose.cn     480,000 
Lx.com.cn    188,000 
173.cn     138,000 
1515.cn     98,000 
yema.cn     96,000 
qun.cn      82,000 
ruyi.cn     67,000 
yishu.com.cn    52,000 
zui.cn     47,000 
goods.cn    41,000 
030.cn     37,000 
9966.cn     35,000 
xifu.cn    30,000 
540.cn     29,000 
oto.cn    28,000 
486.cn     25,500 
hezu.cn     23,000 
yejin.cn     23,000 
042.cn     20,000 
zhaocai.cn    20,000 
hack.cn     19,500 
maixie.cn    19,500 
LvLv.cn     18,500 
qpw.cn    18,000 
xindai.com.cn     17,500 
xiu.com.cn    17,500 
10001.cn    16,500 
huopin.cn    16,500 
zuoan.cn     16,500 
guest.cn    16,000 
back.cn    14,500 
dragon.com.cn    14,500 
perfect.com.cn    14,500 
mipu.cn    13,000 
new.com.cn    13,000 
zhiwo.cn    12,500 
ticao.cn     12,000 
2112.cn      11,500 
jice.cn    11,500 
meipin.cn    11,500 
106.com.cn     11,000 
b.net.cn    11,000 
huanwu.cn     11,000 
daodu.cn    10,500 
Lqb.cn    10,500 
meibai.cn    10,500 
bidding.cn    10,000 
ggh.cn    10,000 
payment.com.cn    10,000 
tdw.cn    10,000 

(To be continued … …)


What is a .CN domain?
The .CN domain is a ccTLD (country code top level domain) and Internet code for for the country of China.

Why should I register a .CN domain name?
#1 China’s own .CN domain extension has seen explosive growth since being opened to registrants throughout the world. 
#2 A .CN domain name is a great way to start to establish a brand in China. 
#3 CN offers registrants the protection of a well-established brand name in what has become one of the most lucrative marketplaces in the world.
#4 .CN can put Chinese customers at ease, giving them the security of dealing with businesses that have a “localized” Chinese presence as well as an international one.
#5 .CN enjoys widespread notoriety and recognition among the Chinese population, and is a simple and memorable Web domain. 

Are there any restrictions for registering a .CN domain?
No, NiceNIC.NET offer .CN domain registrations without restrictions and without documents required.


– See more at:http://nicenic.net/news/messview.php?ID=13044


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