Chinese IDN TLDs live auction in Macau

New TLD applicant plans big launch party and live auction in Macau.


It’s going to be really difficult for new top level domain backers to get much attention for their launches in an environment where multiple TLDs are launching every week.Chinese IDN TLDs live auction in Macau -


But TLD Registry, which is launching Chinese equivalents of online (.在线) and website (.中文网) is going all in with a two day celebration and live domain name auction.


The event is scheduled for March 20-21 at the Galaxy Macau, a five star resort in the tourist and gambling destination. It is timed to precede the ICANN meeting taking place in Singapore (23-27 March 2014).


(Speaking of timing, all of the key dates of the domains’ launch, including sunrise, landrush and general availability, are planned to land on “lucky days” in the Chinese culture.)


The event will also include a live domain name auction that will have online bidding via Sedo.


Details about the event are here in English and here in Chinese. 

– See more at:


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