Landrush .CN Auction Exceeded 50 Million

As of Jan 12th, 2014, the open auction of previously-reserved .CN domain names by CNNIC entered into heating-up period, and the total price of recent auctions already exceeded 50 million yuan/cny/rmb, of which GAME.CN, GW.CN, LB.CN, CM.CN stood out with final biddings surpassing million. The whole auction showed a significant upward trend.

The auction of domain GAME.CN ended in bidding 3.098 million cny after 686 fierce biddings and it refreshed many a record.

GW.CN broke out as a potential dark horse with final bidding price of 2.004 million cny, and ranked only second to Game.CN. GW is the abbreviated form of “gou wu” or “guo wang” in Chinese Pinyin, and in English, it means “shopping”, “national network”.

The blockbuster LB.CN ranked third with final bidding price of 1.1 million cny. LB can be perceived as “lao ban”, “li bao”, “lian bang” in Chinese Pinyin and in English, “boss”, “gift”, “federal”.

The fourth auction is CM.CN, which is a hot traffic domain name, fiercely pursued by Chinese domain investors/domainers, and bidding ended in 1.066 million cny.


Landrush .CN Auction Exceeded 50 Million - NiceNIC.NET

The domain quantity with final auction price between 0.5 and 1 million is constantly increasing:

LY.CN (tourism) 0.758 million cny
1234.CN (sequential number) 0.704 million cny
XX.CN (information, school, study or XXOO) 0.664 million cny
YS.CN (jade, doctor, art, food or film) 0.608 million cny
MY.CN (my) 0.566 million cny
XIN.CN (letter, new or heart) 0.558 million cny
CHE.CN (car) 0.522 million cny
JIA.CN (home, marry, family name jia) 0.508 million cny
BAO.CN (treasure) 0.504 million cny
PT.CN (platform, grape) 0.47 million cny
CX.CN (innovatoin, query) 0.47 million cny
MT.CN (media, Mito) 0.432 million cny
FU.CN (rich, pay, good fortune) 0.422 million cny
HM.CN (number, blackberry, aircraft carrier) 0.418 million cny
CF.CN (wealth, kitchen) 0.412 million cny
QC.CN (cars, equipment, youth, prospect) 0.4 million cny
NY.CN (agriculture, energy, girlfriend, boyfriend, underwear, pesticides) 0.372 million cny
CCC.CN 0.37 million cny
LS.CN (retail, snacks, LeTV) 0.324 million cny
JJJ.CN (Army Day, Gold Rooster Award) 0.324 million cny
YU.CN (jade, language, rain, fish) 0.306 million cny
AND.CN (and) 0.302 million cny
JM.CN (sister, ju mei, jin ma) 0.302 million cny

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