5681 Phishing Sites 5536 Non-CN Domain

Translated by ICANN CNNIC HKIRC Accredited Registrar – http://nicenic.net


9th January, 2014

Anti-Phishing Alliance of China(APAC) announced “December 2013 Anti-Phishing Sites Brief Report”. 

According to the report:

APAC totally dealt with 168,835 phishing sites over the years and in Dec 2013, 5,681.

Below please find some diagrams and statistical data:

(1) Source of phishing sites report

December 2013,  the phishing sites reported by APAC accounted for 90.34% of the total number of reported amount, while phishing sites reported by 12321 Network Center accounted for 7.67%, the proportion was on the rise in recently months. 

(2) Distribution of phishing targets

December 2013, APAC received reports of phishing sites, involving Taobao, ICBC, Hunan TV, BOC, their reports accounted for 96.50% and Taobao on the top.

(3) Involved industry distribution of phishing sites
December 2013, the top three industries involved phishing sites are payment trading, finance & securities and mass media, accounting for 98.86% of the total handles and payment trading top ranked with ratio of 80.50%.

(4) Distribution of .CN and Non-CN domain phishing websites
Comparison of .CN domain names and Non-CN involving phishing websites in December 2013:
Fishing websites involving .CN domain names have remained at a low ratio, 145, just accounting for 2.55%, owing to the strict implementation and continuous improvement of real-name system; Non-CN domain phishing sites reached 5536. Please find below the details:

(5) Distribution of different TLDs phishing sites
December 2013, phishing websites involving .COM.PW.TK and .CF domain names accounted for 85.33% and .COM domain still top ranked.

Ratio of phishing websites involving .PW and .CF was on the rise, accounting for 32.76% and 1.95% respectively.




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