2014 Spring Festival Holiday Notification

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for helping 2013 to be such a success, we are all really excited about 2014.

In observance of 2014 Chinese traditional holiday of Spring Festival, namely 2014 Chinese New Year, some of our hard-working technical support team will be taking some well-earned holidays and won’t be available from 2014-01-31 to 2014-02-06 (GMT+8).

Nonetheless, the customer service, billing system, domain registration, hosting purchase, Email purchase, Reseller signup etc. will not be affected.

We value your business and are ready to help should you need any assistance over the holiday period.

To contact NiceNIC Customer Service, please #1 send Email to support@nicenic.net OR #2 submit ticket online at http://nicenic.net/ctrl_support/question.php, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

PS: We uploaded new photos on Flickr for our 2014 Annual Party, please take a look at http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicenic_net/.

2014 Spring Festival Holiday Notification - NiceNIC.NET


Best wishes to you, your family and your team!

ICANN CNNIC HKIRC Accredited Registrar


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Notice about Domain .公司 .网络 New Registration Suspended

December 18, 2009, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) released a draft of new gTLDs intention program, and in March 2011 formally approved the implementation of the new gTLDs scheme. 

April 2012, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) filed officially application to ICANN for .公司(company) and .网络(network) being written to root DNS of global internet.

According to the “Notice of Chinese Internet Domain System” issued by the former Ministry of Information Industry (now the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), as Chinese Internationalized Domain Names(IDN), the registration services of .公司 and .网络 got already available for mainland Chinese users.

January 21, 2014, per ICANN’s approvement, Chinese IDN of .公司 and .网络 were officially written to root DNS of global internet and became accessible worldwide.


Notice about Domain .公司 .网络 New Registration Suspended - NiceNIC.NET


In order to maintain the normal domain registration order after .公司 and .网络 being rooted to ICANN, and to safeguard national and social public interests, based on ICANN’s regulations about new gTLD registration, CNNIC announced “.公司 and .网络 domain registration and service adjustment” as follows:


Notice about Domain .公司 .网络 New Registration Suspended - NiceNIC.NET


1. Suspend .公司 and .网络 domain registration service from 2014-1-21 6:00 PM (GMT+8)

2. Set Sunrise period for the new gTLDs of .公司 and .网络

3. Whois query service of .公司 and .网络 will operate as normal

4. Renewal/Transfer service of the existing .公司 and .网络 domain names will operate as normal

5. Specific time about the Sunrise starting will be further noticed

NiceNIC.NET Team
CNNIC Accredited Registrar


– See more at: http://nicenic.net/news/messview.php?ID=12945#sthash.MJYdzPNW.dpuf

2012-2013 .CN Domain Data Analysis

It is reported that last December .CN domain name registrations exceeded ten million with total number up to 10,830,000. As of April 2013, the monthly .CN domain registrations were all more than 2012’s. Here are a few glimpses of .CN Domain Data Analysis for 2012 and 2013:

2012-2013 .CN Domain Data Analysis - NiceNIC.NET

2012-2013 .CN Domain Data Analysis - NiceNIC.NET

2012.12 & 2013.12 .CN Domain Pie Chart

From the .CN domain statistics chart for December 2012, we saw the total .CN domain name registrations including .COM.CN, .NET.CN, .ORG.CN, .GOV.CN, .ADM.CN, .EDU.CN, .AC.CN, .MIL.CN reached 7,510,000, of which .CN domain names amounted to 6,158,126, accounting for 82.0% of all proportion, .COM.CN 1,059,202, accounting for 14.1%, while other .CN domains remained stable.

December 2013, China’s total .CN domain registration quantity was increased to 10,829,480, 3,320,000 more than December 2012’s, where .CN, .COM.CN, .ADM.CN domain registrations respectively accounting for 81.9%, 9.2% and 6.6%. ADM.CN registrations especially rised up rapidly, jumped by nearly 670,000.

Although from the point of comparative data view, the increase speed of 2013’s .CN domain registrations easily beat 2012’s, change of .CN domain registrations was obvious as well. Since May 2012, CNNIC had re-adjusted the registration policies and .CN domain names became available for individual and Registrants from outside of China again. Such wise policy surely laid solid foundation for further .CN success in 2013.

2012-2013 .CN Domain Data Analysis - NiceNIC.NET

2012-2013 .CN Domain Data Analysis - NiceNIC.NET

2012 & 2013 .CN Domain Histogram

According to the comparative data shew in the histogram, the growing rate of .CN domain registrations in Jan-Apr 2012 was still small, with quantity of only 3.3 million or so. However, since May 2012, the .CN domain names became available to individuals again, the situation began to reverse and the .CN registrations substantially soared. Only from May to October, the .CN domain registrations were increased to 6.4 million from 3.5 million. In summary, the trend of 2012’s .CN domain registrations went from “stable” to “rapid growth” then to “surge”.

In contrast, 2013 ushered in period of .CN domain continuous heating-up. May-June 2013, the growing rate of .CN domain registrations got a big boost. By the time in July, newly increased .CN domains broke through 8 million and the favourable momentum continued to end of 2013, new .CN registrations exceeded 10 million.

Undoubtedly, with more frequent international exchanges, .CN domain hot is right on the rise. Since the remarkable role of .CN domain’s identity function of reflecting values and positioning, in the near future, .CN domain names will usher in new opportunities for sure. – See more at: http://nicenic.net/news/messview.php?ID=12936#sthash.O9xQynKw.dpuf

2014 Pinyin .CN Domain Name Sales

Pinyin, formally Hanyu Pinyin, is the official phonetic system for transcribing the Mandarin pronunciations of Chinese characters into the Latin alphabet in mainland China, China Taiwan and Singapore. It is often used to teach Standard Chinese and spell Chinese names in foreign publications and may be used as an input method to enter Chinese characters into computers.

The Pinyin system was developed in the 1950s based on earlier forms of romanization. It was published by the Chinese government in 1958 and revised several times. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) adopted Pinyin as the international standard in 1982. The system was adopted as the official standard in China Taiwan in 2009, where it is used for romanization alone rather than for educational and computer input purposes.

Hanyu means the spoken language of the Han people and Pinyin literally means “spelled-out sounds”.

For more information about Chinese Hanyu Pinyin, please refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinyin.


Some Chinese Surname .CN domain names were reserved by CNNIC before. Now, they are available for public auction. Below please find the auction-closed Chinese Surname .CN domain names with their final bidding prices in CNY:


– See more at: http://nicenic.net/news/messview.php?ID=12878#sthash.tdzog7Hk.dpuf

Some Pinyin .CN domain names were reserved by CNNIC before. Now, they are available for public auction. Below please find the auction-closed Pinyin .CN domain names with their final bidding prices in CNY:

yiyuan.cn    190,000 
mobi.cn    138,000 
guzhen.cn    116,000 
jiage.cn    104,000 2014 Pinyin .CN Domain Name Sales - NiceNIC.NET
gaozhou.cn    85,000 
changshu.cn    81,000 
Leidian.cn    63,000 
yanyuan.cn    62,000 
dashi.cn    56,000 
jimo.cn    56,000 
guide.cn    55,000 
qufu.cn    55,000 
danyang.cn    53,000 
haining.cn    52,000 
gucheng.cn    51,000 
hufu.cn    51,000 
kaiping.cn    50,000 
Liyang.cn    50,000 
Lujiang.cn    50,000 
ningguo.cn    50,000 
qidong.cn    50,000 
ruian.cn    50,000 
yueqing.cn    50,000 
ziyuan.cn    50,000 
dongtai.cn    49,000 
rugao.cn    47,000 
changLe.cn    46,000 
dongyang.cn    46,000 
jishi.cn    46,000 
sifa.cn    46,000 
xinye.cn    46,000 
chayuan.cn    45,000 
dengzhou.cn    44,000 
jinniu.cn    44,000 
baoan.cn    43,000 
duchang.cn    43,000 
taicang.cn    43,000 
taihe.cn    43,000 
wangzhi.cn    43,000 
pingdu.cn    42,000 
qichun.cn    42,000 
xinji.cn    42,000 
tianmen.cn    41,000 
jiashan.cn    40,000 
Laiyang.cn    40,000 
Lanxi.cn    40,000 
pujiang.cn    40,000 
puning.cn    40,000 
xindu.cn    40,000 
guangde.cn    39,000 
huaan.cn    39,000 
tongLu.cn    37,000 
yishui.cn    37,000 
xinghua.cn    36,000 
yangshuo.cn    36,000 
desheng.cn    35,000 
xinan.cn    35,000 
xinmi.cn    35,000 
fuqing.cn    34,000 
panyu.cn    33,000 
yangshuo.cn    33,000 
dangan.cn    31,000 
honghu.cn    31,000 
huoqiu.cn    31,000 
qishi.cn    31,000 
wuyuan.cn    31,000 
jimei.cn    30,000 
shucheng.cn    30,000 
conghua.cn    29,500 
pinghu.cn    29,000 
Liuhe.cn    28,500 
wuxue.cn    28,500 
guLou.cn    27,500 
xianyou.cn    27,500 
rushan.cn    26,500 
jingzhi.cn    26,000 
jinyun.cn    26,000 
kaiLi.cn    26,000 
Longgang.cn    26,000 
wuqi.cn    26,000 
gaoan.cn    25,500 
gaoqing.cn    25,500 
pingyi.cn    25,500 
dajiang.cn    25,000 
dayi.cn    25,000 
dongzhi.cn    25,000 
Lingzhi.cn    25,000 
anqiu.cn    24,500 
hanshou.cn    24,500 
keqiao.cn    24,500 
anyi.cn    24,000 
boxing.cn    24,000 
dingzhou.cn    24,000 
huaLong.cn    24,000 
kaihua.cn    24,000 
jishou.cn    23,500 
huadu.cn    23,000 
huaxian.cn    23,000 
zhouzhuang.cn    23,000 
beiLiu.cn    22,500 
funing.cn    22,500 
jiande.cn    22,500 
yidu.cn    22,500 
danyang.cn    22,000 
danzhou.cn    21,500 
juxian.cn    21,500 
shangyu.cn    21,500 
xishui.cn    21,500 
caoxian.cn    21,000 
daLu.cn    21,000 
furong.cn    21,000 
Lecong.cn    21,000 
Linzi.cn    21,000 
shenmu.cn    21,000 
yunhe.cn    21,000 
zunhua.cn    21,000 
haimen.cn    20,500 
jiaozhou.cn    20,500 
Leizhou.cn    20,500 
Leping.cn    20,500 
Linquan.cn    20,500 
Longyou.cn    20,500 
qixia.cn    20,500 
wuchang.cn    20,500 
guLin.cn    20,000 
huashi.cn    20,000 
Laoshan.cn    20,000 
mengyin.cn    20,000 
ouhai.cn    20,000 
qingcheng.cn    20,000 
tanghe.cn    20,000 
tianzhu.cn    20,000 
yandu.cn    20,000 
baibu.cn    19,500 
guLi.cn    19,500 
haian.cn    19,500 
junan.cn    19,500 
LiLing.cn    19,500 
Linqing.cn    19,500 
quanjiao.cn    19,500 
renhuai.cn    19,500 
guixi.cn    19,000 
fuping.cn    18,500 
hejiang.cn    18,500 
hongya.cn    18,500 
xianju.cn    18,500 
jiayu.cn    18,000 
jiutai.cn    18,000 
Luxian.cn    18,000 
yicheng.cn    18,000 
bazhou.cn    17,500
dehui.cn    17,500
guangrao.cn    17,500
hengshan.cn    17,500
huantai.cn    17,500
jingxian.cn    17,500
kangbao.cn    17,500
rudong.cn    17,500
shimen.cn    17,500
feidong.cn    17,000
feixi.cn    17,000
keyan.cn    17,000
Licheng.cn    17,000
wangdu.cn    17,000
zouping.cn    17,000
baitu.cn    16,500
gangkou.cn    16,500
jiangyou.cn    16,500
Lifa.cn    16,500
wuLing.cn    16,500
xifeng.cn    16,500
yongtai.cn    16,500
guanyun.cn    16,000
haicheng.cn    16,000
Luoding.cn    16,000
mudu.cn    16,000
xiajin.cn    16,000
anning.cn    15,500
dashan.cn    15,500
fuding.cn    15,500
funan.cn    15,500
hongdun.cn    15,500
qizhi.cn    15,500
yanqing.cn    15,500
dangshan.cn    15,000
gaoshan.cn    15,000
houjie.cn    15,000
huidong.cn    15,000
Longwan.cn    15,000
sangzhi.cn    15,000
xuanhua.cn    15,000
dancheng.cn    14,500
jintang.cn    14,500
qingxin.cn    14,500
shanxian.cn    14,500
suixi.cn    14,500
bishan.cn    14,000
hanjiang.cn    14,000
jieshou.cn    14,000
jinyuan.cn    14,000
qinghe.cn    14,000
wendeng.cn    14,000
woLong.cn    14,000
xinfeng.cn    14,000
xingtan.cn    14,000
yuexiu.cn    14,000
boye.cn    13,500
qishan.cn    13,500
shiwan.cn    13,500
yangxin.cn    13,500
yinhai.cn    13,500
anguo.cn    13,000
huxian.cn    13,000
sanxiang.cn    13,000
chiping.cn    12,500
hunchun.cn    12,500
quyang.cn    12,500
siLin.cn    12,500
yinan.cn    12,500
yufeng.cn    12,500
anping.cn    12,000
huaiyuan.cn    12,000
huiyang.cn    12,000
jinmei.cn    12,000
qujiang.cn    12,000 
wanyuan.cn    12,000 
wushan.cn    12,000 
xiaji.cn    12,000 
yangxin.cn    12,000 
yeda.cn    12,000 
zhaoyang.cn    12,000 
chucun.cn    11,500 
dabu.cn    11,500 
songshan.cn    11,500 
wuning.cn    11,500 
wuping.cn    11,500 
dangan.cn    11,000 
huayin.cn    11,000 
jiaonan.cn    11,000 
Lechang.cn    11,000 
Lugang.cn    11,000 
sipa.cn    11,000 
yingze.cn    11,000 
chihu.cn    10,500 
dagang.cn    10,500 
dongan.cn    10,500 
fenyi.cn    10,500 
fucheng.cn    10,500 
gaizhou.cn    10,500 
jinxian.cn    10,500 
Luannan.cn    10,500 
nehe.cn    10,500 
pengzhou.cn    10,500 
qianshan.cn    10,500 
shaowu.cn    10,500 
shexian.cn    10,500 
xinyuan.cn    10,500 
xushui.cn    10,500 
anxiang.cn    10,000 
dunhua.cn    10,000 
heshan.cn    10,000 
heshui.cn    10,000 
huaning.cn    10,000 
jiangan.cn    10,000 
Longxi.cn    10,000 
nanzhao.cn    10,000 
ningan.cn    10,000 
ruichang.cn    10,000 
tongbai.cn    10,000 
wengan.cn    10,000 
wuhua.cn    10,000 

xinxing.cn    10,000

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Complete Landrush-Auction .CN, .COM.CN and .China(in Chinese) domain list can be found at http://www.cnnic.cn/gywm/xwzx/xwzxtzgg/201312/W020131218527425483831.pdf


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Chinese Surname .CN Domain SALES

Chinese surnames are used by Han Chinese and Sinicized ethnic groups in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, and among overseas Chinese communities. In ancient times two types of surnames, ancestral names (Chinese: 姓; pinyin: xing) and clan names (Chinese: 氏; pinyin: shi), existed.


The colloquial expressions laobaixing (老百姓; lit. “old hundred surnames”), and baixing (百姓, lit. “hundred surnames”) are used in Chinese to mean “ordinary folks”, “the people”, or “commoners.” The Baijiaxing (百家姓) or “Hundred Family Surnames” refers to an ancient text documenting Chinese surnames.

Chinese Surname .CN Domain SALES - NiceNIC.NET


Chinese family names are patrilineal, passed from father to children. (In cases of adoption, the adoptee usually also takes the same surname.) In current Chinese practice, surnames are not changed upon marriage. However, in places with Western influence such as Hong Kong, women may (legally or informally) adopt their husband’s surname.
For more information about Chinese surnames or Chinese family names, please refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_family_names.

Some Chinese Surname .CN domain names were reserved by CNNIC before. Now, they are available for public auction. Below please find the auction-closed Chinese Surname .CN domain names with their final bidding prices in CNY:



yuwen.cn  164,000 
Long.cn     156,000 
dang.cn     152,000 
cang.cn     142,000 
qian.cn     110,000 
shen.cn     102,000 
Liao.cn     100,000 

yuan.cn     100,000

feng.cn     99,000 
shui.cn     99,000 
cheng.cn  84,000 
meng.cn     78,000 
nong.cn     75,000 
quan.cn     72,000 
diao.cn     66,000 
kuai.cn     65,000 
Luan.cn     65,000 
hong.cn     61,000 
tian.cn     56,000 
zhan.cn     56,000 
tong.cn     53,000 Chinese Surname .CN Domain SALES - NiceNIC.NET
xiao.cn     53,000 
xiang.cn  51,000 


shou.cn     50,000 
huang.cn  47,000 
jiang.cn  44,000 
Lian.cn  44,000 
shao.cn  44,000 
Liang.cn  43,000 
baiLi.cn  41,000 
shan.cn  41,000 
xuan.cn  41,000 
huan.cn  40,000 
miao.cn  40,000 
xiong.cn  39,000 

qiang.cn  36,000 

sheng.cn  36,000

chang.cn  35,000 
guan.cn  32,000 
qiao.cn  32,000 
tang.cn  32,000 
Ling.cn  31,000 
ning.cn  30,000 
shuai.cn  30,000 
chong.cn  28,500 
ruan.cn  28,500 
yong.cn  27,000 
cong.cn  26,500 
gong.cn  26,500 
bian.cn  23,000 
zeng.cn  22,500 
zheng.cn  22,000 
pang.cn  20,500 
zhai.cn     20,500 
huai.cn     19,500 
zang.cn     19,500 
zhuo.cn     18,000 
zong.cn     16,500 
teng.cn     15,500 
shuang.cn  14,000 
Leng.cn     12,500 
kuang.cn  11,000 
weng.cn     10,000 
chai.cn     9,200 
dugu.cn     9,200 
sima.cn     9,200 
moqi.cn     8,600 
tuoba.cn  8,600 
sang.cn     7,400 
yuchi.cn  7,400 
zhuge.cn  7,400 
wuma.cn     7,200 
situ.cn     7,000 
ximen.cn  7,000 
ziju.cn     5,400 
huyan.cn  5,200 
jiagu.cn  4,600 
Lvqiu.cn  1,700 
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Chinese Dream
     Chinese Domain”

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CNNIC 33rd Report on Chinese Internet Development

Internet Development Shifted from “Quantitative Change” to “Qualitative Change” Mobile Phone Terminal Applications on the Rise

On January 16, 2014, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the 33rd Statistical Report on Internet Development in China (“the Report”) in Beijing. According to the Report, by the end of December 2013, the number of Internet users in China had reached 618 million and the Internet penetration rate was 45.8%, of which the number of mobile Internet users had reached 500 million and kept growing. The continuous growth of mobile Internet users facilitated the development of various applications of mobile phone terminal and was a highlight of China’s Internet development in 2013.


The size of Chinese Internet users remained steady and the development theme shifted from “quantitative change” to “qualitative change”

According to the Report, by the end of December 2013, the number of China’s Internet users had reached 618 million, increasing by 53.58 million over the previous year and the Internet penetration rate was 45.8%, up 3.7% compared with that at the end of 2012. As it can be seen from the change of the size of Chinese Internet users in recent years and other relevant statistics, the Internet penetration rate in China improved gradually and the theme of Internet development shifted from “quantity” to “quality”, featuring the rising status of the Internet in the economic society, close link with the traditional economy as well as the increasing influence of various Internet applications on the lifestyle of Chinese Internet users.


The number of mobile Internet users kept growing and high-traffic mobile phone application became a highlight

By the end of December 2013, the number of Internet users in China had reached 500 million, with an annual growth rate of 19.1%, and China remains the country with the largest number of online terminals. Among the Chinese Internet users, the proportion of mobile Internet users rose from 74.5% at the end of 2012 to 81.0%, much higher than the proportion of the Internet users that access the Internet via other devices. It is indicated that mobile phone is still the major driving force for the growth of Chinese Internet users.

Under the backdrop of further popularity of the 3G network and constant development of smart mobile phones and wireless network, high-traffic mobile phone application such as video and music are attracting more and more users. By the end of December 2013, The number of China’s Internet users who watched videos online or downloaded videos on mobile phone had reached 247 million, increasing by 112 million over the end of 2012, up 83.8%, ranking the first in the statistics about the growth of mobile phone application users. The rocketing utilization ratio of high-traffic applications of mobile phone terminal is mainly due to the increasing population of mobile Internet users, improvement of the basic environment for Internet access and drop of Internet access cost.


Comprehensive social networking platforms attracted more attention and online game terminal competition intensified

According to the Report, in 2013, the utilization ratio of Internet applications such as microblog, social networking website and forum declined to some extent over the previous year. The platform applications based on social networking, such as instant messaging, developed steadily: In 2013, the total number of instant messaging users rose to 532 million driven by the sharp growth of mobile terminals, increasing by 64.4 million over the end of 2012, and the utilization ratio reached 86.2%. Compared with traditional instant messaging tools and social networking websites, comprehensive social networking platforms based on social networking not only has stronger communication function, but also are added with social networking applications including information sharing, etc., and provide the users with comprehensive services of payment and finance, etc., thereby maximizing the loyalty of the users and ensuring continuous growth of the user size.

However, the growth of Chinese online game users slowed down obviously in 2013. According to the Report, China’s utilization ratio of online games dropped from 59.5% in 2012 to 54.7%. The number of online game users stood at 338 million, increasing by merely 2.34 million. In sharp contrast with the sluggishness of the whole online game market, the number of mobile phone online games rose rapidly: By the end of December 2013, the number of the mobile phone online game users in China had reached 215 million, increasing by 75.94 million over the end of 2012, with an annual growth rate of 54.5%. However, the traditional PC online games witnessed weak growth and were challenged by the high-speed growth of mobile phone online games.


The size of online shoppers and group buyers increased significantly and enterprise e-commerce applications needed to be improved

According to the Report, in 2013, business applications covering mainly online shopping and group buying grew rapidly. In the year, the number of Chinese online shoppers reached 302 million and the utilization rate reached 48.9%, up 6.0% over the previous year. Amongst the business applications, group buying grew most rapidly: the size of group buyers reached 141 million, and the utilization ratio of group buying was 22.8%, up 8.0% over 2012, and the annual growth rate of the utilization ratio reached 54.3% and became the biggest highlight of business applications.

In contrast with the fast-growing business applications including online shopping and group buying, the e-commerce applications for enterprises still need to be improved. In 2013, the proportion of online procurement and online sales of Chinese enterprises were 23.5% and 26.8% respectively, and the proportion of the enterprises that launched Internet-based marketing promotion campaigns was 20.9%. The penetration rates of e-commerce applications varied greatly in different industries, of which the manufacturing industry and the wholesale & retail industry adopted more business applications. In terms of the scale of e-commerce applications in enterprises, compared with large and medium-sized enterprises, micro enterprises need to further strengthen their e-commerce applications. 

2014 Premium .CN Domain Sales

The hottest topic in recent Chinese domain fair is the public auctions of tens of thousands of .CN, .COM.CN and .China(in Chinese) domain names that were previously reserved by CNNIC.

See below the latest 2014 Premium .CN domain sales list and their final bidding prices in CNY:


cm.cn    1,066,000
one.cn    1,004,000
shop.cn    1,002,000
me.cn    920,000 
dj.cn    824,000 
ys.cn    810,000 
name.cn    762,000 2014 Premium .CN Domain Sales - NiceNIC.NET
Ly.cn    758,000 
tao.cn    570,000 
my.cn    566,000 
ju.cn    538,000 
hao.cn    514,000 
pk.cn    486,000 
cx.cn    470,000 
hs.cn    456,000 
sj.cn    448,000 
fu.cn    422,000 
cf.cn    412,000 
nj.cn    410,000 
cs.cn    400,000 
cy.cn    390,000 
zhi.cn    384,000 
ccc.cn    370,000 
bx.cn    368,000 
im.cn    354,000 
Lv.cn    342,000 
cz.cn    280,000 
km.cn    272,000 
mv.cn    240,000 
cg.cn    238,000 
mobiLe.cn    226,000 
bt.cn    210,000 
at.cn    202,000 
peixun.cn    202,000 
gongyi.cn    200,000 
pe.cn    192,000 
heaLth.cn    182,000 
bp.cn    166,000 
an.cn    152,000 
kan.cn    152,000 
ming.cn    142,000 
kaoshi.cn    140,000 
chi.cn    122,000 
bai.cn    100,000 
kunLun.cn    100,000 
site.cn    100,000 
zhong.cn    100,000 
jinjiang.cn    90,000 
bra.cn    87,000 
cms.cn    81,000 
pig.cn    71,000 
price.cn    71,000 
info.cn    61,000 
chn.cn    59,000 
km.com.cn    59,000 
zhu.cn    55,000 
day.cn    52,000 
mac.cn    51,000 
mv.com.cn    51,000 
shishi.cn    49,000 
Liu.cn    42,000 
jinqiao.cn    32,000 
sannong.cn    31,000 
guang.cn    30,000 
nongcun.cn    28,000
mobi.com.cn    20,000
sdn.cn    16,500 
taizi.cn    16,500
pingyuan.cn    11,500


>> more .CN sales are coming … …


Complete Landrush-Auction .CN, .COM.CN and .China(in Chinese) domain list can be found at http://www.cnnic.cn/gywm/xwzx/xwzxtzgg/201312/W020131218527425483831.pdf


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