.ME in Numbers: Thank You! 2013 .ME Domain Summary

.ME in Numbers: Thank You!

As we’re getting ready to bid farewell to 2013, we thought we could share some facts & figures.

There are around 750,000 registered .me domain names in our portfolio – more than the entire population of Montenegro! 

Our growth rate in number of creates is 35.30% and our yearly growth in domains under management is 12.71%twice as much as the industry average.


.ME has turned five in this past summer, and it continues to thrive and grow. 

We truly couldn’t have achieved all this without your help, friendship, valued partnership and support. 

A sincere thank you from the .ME team!


Blog Digest: Check.me – Your Personal Banker, In Your Pocket

Check.me is a free mobile app that will help you to keep track of your bills and finance, so you never miss a bill or pay any late fees or get overdraft. In a way, it is your own personal banker in your pocket.
We have done a review of the app for you, and even interviewed the Check.me CEO and Co-founder, Guy Goldstein. Check out this awesome app and the blog posts below:

1. Check.Me App: Having Your Own Personal Banker in Your Pocket
2. Interview with Guy Goldstein, CEO and Co-Founder of Check – the Ultimate Finance Management App

For more of our blog posts, please check out www.domain.me/blog.

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.在线 & .中文网 Partnered with Sedo

Leading fully-Chinese internet domain name TLDs to partner with global leader in premium domain name auctions.

TLD Registry Ltd, the leading internet domain name registry for fully-Chinese domain names, today announced it has contracted with Sedo for its upcoming premium domain names program.

Valuable and sought-after fully-Chinese domain names in the Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) top level domains (TLDs) will become publicly available via Sedo on the opening day of the Landrush period, set to occur on Thursday March 20, 2014.

Expressions of interest for premium domain names and portfolios of domain names are invited from today. TLD Registry’s chairman, Taneli Tikka said, “There has been strong interest in premium domain names in the essential new Chinese TLDs, Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website, since we announced our program in Beijing in April this year. We invite brands, businesses and investors to consider how they might benefit from our valuable fully-Chinese domain names, and to contact our brokerage partner Sedo to discuss their options.”

The registry’s CEO, Arto Isokoski added, “While ICANN rules forbid firm contracting of any domain names prior to the Landrush period, we urge interested parties to contact Sedo to explore once-in-a-lifetime branding, business and investment opportunities.”

TLD Registry’s CMO, Simon Cousins said, “Our approach to our premium domain names program is as innovative as our go-live program and our foundation partners program. I think that the domain name and digital marketing industries will be startled and excited by the uniquely different way we’ve constructed our premium names program.”

“Non-English-language generic TLDs are brand new to the internet” said Sedo CEO, Tobias Flaitz. “With Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website in particular, there are thousands of multi-national companies looking to tap into the booming Chinese economy, not to mention the businesses operating in Chinatown sections of nearly every major city around the world. By using these new domain names, companies gain instant credibility within Chinese markets and show a respect for the local language and culture. With Sedo’s global presence and expertise, we can help make sure these new domains get into the hands of the right people.”

Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website will join the internet on Friday January 17, with a “trademark-owners only” Sunrise period, concluding on Monday March 17. Both the start and end days of Sunrise fall on highly auspicious days for “starting new businesses” in the ancient Chinese almanac.

Premium domain names will become publicly tradable on the global Sedo platform on the first day of the Landrush period, Thursday March 20, which is an auspicious day for “breaking ground”. As the introduction of Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website is analogous to the opening of valuable new tracts of internet real estate in the Chinese-speaking world, launching Landrush on a lucky day for breaking ground is highly resonant in the China region.

A hybrid live and internet auction of some of the most valuable and sought-after domain names in Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website will be held in Macau one day later, on Friday 21 March. The Landrush period will run conclude on Thursday April 24, with general availability of domain names in Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website opening on Monday 28 April, 2014 (a highly auspicious date for “starting new businesses” and “grand openings”).

Minor changes to the go-live schedule may be required by ICANN, however TLD Registry is confident that the milestones will be achieved on the set dates. Global internet domain name infrastructure provider Afilias is responsible for the technical integrity of Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website.

Informational microsites on the Sedo global platform are now live: for Dot Chinese Online in English, please visit http://www.sedo.com/us/new-gtlds/dot-chinese-online-gtld/ or follow the Chinese link on that page for the Mandarin version. For Dot Chinese Website in English, please visit http://www.sedo.com/us/new-gtlds/dot-chinese-website-gtld/ or follow the Chinese link on that page for the Mandarin version.

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How to get Cheap Domain Names?

It is a much desirable thing for all in getting a desired domain name at a very cheap price. You get benefited when you successfully get a cheap domain name. It is interesting to know that you also can get a cheap domain name. 

Before you embark on buying a cheap domain name, you must first consider the name and the nature of the content of your website; you must know what exactly this domain name is. A Domain name is the address on the internet of your own website, this is very important to make a significant impression and creating massive exposure for your website. In the other way round, it can also be at your disadvantage   if you do not take proper precaution during domain name selection and most especially when it comes to the issue of a cheap domain.

Cheap domain names can be registered through a registrar. There are so many companies which are listed or recognized as domain name registrar like http://nicenic.net. Some of these companies can offer you the service of getting you cheap domains, but you have to be familiar with their terms and condition for partnering and acquiring a domain name. Irrespective of the cost of the domain name that you want to purchase, when you are not satisfied with any registrar services that they put forward to you, it is not sensible to go ahead with such transaction.

You must take time to read through domain Registrar’s services and products, these will disclose all you want to know and be acquainted with their services. 

When you are fortunate to get cheap domain name, it can help you attain so much for your business. It can help you attain the height you want to get to and make you and your business to be a difficult contender among your contemporary. 

Domain name can support your business brand and it will make your customers want to connect with you and what offer to them. This alone can increase your income tremendously.


Cheap domain names are sometimes regarded as a non-valued domain names, a cheap domain name may not be expensive, but should not be under estimated or regarded as undervalued.

What are the ways to get a cheap domain name?

You can get a cheap domain names in different two ways; either through the present holder or register a new domain name from a registrar like www.nicenic.net.

You can buy offered domains cheaply from their present holders. Online auctions are where such domains are available for interested buyers to take over the ownership of these cheap domain names. These are very competitive and sometimes economical. To get these cheap domain names you must act fast when you see any of such offers on the internet. Such domain sellers, who put up domains for sale but may not be a conventional, they are known as resellers. Resellers are common terms when you talk about domain names.

After you have bought the cheap name, the next thing you have to do is to register this or these domains and look for good and reliable experts or companies who can do a nice work for you and really work on your domain.

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So many websites can be found on the internet, they offer different range of domain name for sale. To get the best you have to look for your desired domain name and search if it is available for sale, if it is available all you need to go for it, go through the transaction method and get it for your business.

To get a cheap domain name for your business or for personal use, go through the internet and you will be amaze to get a lot of them ready to do you that favor. Check their credibility and contact their customer care support to know more about their service and what they stand to offer you. 

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