Tea.CN on TOP triggered Chinese Domain RUSH

November 19th, “Chinese .CN Domain Contest” sponsored by Domain.CN came to an end, Chinese character .CN domain name of “茶.CN” (Tea.CN in English) overwhelmingly come out on top – just a simple word, but with strong connotations of Chinese characteristics, potential commercial value for the domain name industry.

Under current trend of short alphabetic .COM, .CN being sold for whopping price, we can still see such a good short domain name, which makes “Chinese. CN” the domain name industry’s attention and Chinese domain’s awareness greatly improved. More remarkable, it triggered a Chinese Domain RUSH.

Tea.CN on TOP triggered Chinese Domain RUSH - NiceNIC.NET

It is understood that the domain name contest with theme of “Chinese Dream + Chinese Red + I Love ‘Chinese .CN‘” aims to drive the whole domain industry’s attention, publicize Chinese .CN domain name and let more end-users know Chinese.CN.

Only 244 Chinese .CN domain names were selected and proved to be qualified for final round. Each domain of 244 has its own Chinese features, such as “金玉满堂.CN”, “招财.CN”, “俺.CN”, “早教.CN”, “巴萨.CN”, “京唐港.CN” etc.

After several rounds of online voting, “茶.CN”(Tea.CN), “彩票.CN” and “特产.CN” won the top three.

Owner of “茶.CN”(Tea.CN) expressed: Chinese is our mother tongue, in the highly condensed context of domain name, Chinese domain name is application-oriented and more suitable to be developed to a website. I hope domain lovers will give more concern about “Chinese.CN” domain name and in return, earn serious bucks in the Chinese Domain Rush. 

The statistic data by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) show that as of the end of October 2013, .CN domain quantity already broke through 8.8 million. “Chinese.CN” domain represents not only Chinese international influence but also the advantage of intuitive, specific, profound Chinese characters.

At present, abundant Chinese resources guarantee that both domestic and international companies would have chance to find their brand image and product positioning matched domain name.
In the Internet field, with growing international influence of Chinese, rates of “Chinese .CN” domain awareness and application rockets simultaneously.

That a large number of domain name lovers participate, vote and promote in “Chinese .CN Domain Contest” shows public are full of expectations and confidence in the future of Chinese domain name. The promotion and application of “Chinese.CN” domain names will be more conducive in helping build up “pure Chinese internet”, more convenient for Chinese to get access to internet, and easier for enterprises to launch positioning online marketing.


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