The Advantages of International Domain Names

International domain names are the web addresses that you’ll find with a two letter country abbreviation instead of a .com, .net, or .org address. They’re often used for websites that are aimed at a specific country .

Local Content

  • One of the most common uses of country domain names is to provide localized content from a larger website. Google is an excellent example of this. While their main search engine is “,” they provided localized search throught the use of country based domains; for example, “” (for the United Kingdom) or “” (for China.) Most countries have a localized Google search. Most multi-national companies use a similar scheme for the local versions of their websites.


  • Another reason to use a international domain name is to make a website standout from the crowd. One example of this (and one of the few major websites to use the “.us” domain) is bookmarking website “” It might be easy to forget a website like “,” but “” is unforgettable.


  • One example of using an international domain for advertising reasons is “,” which, unlike most companies who use a .com address regardless of nation, is the main portal for Triumph Motorcycles. This brand has long been associated with the United Kingdom, and it doesn’t hurt to reinforce that by using a domain name that includes the name of Triumph’s home country.


  • Another reason to use a international domain is to avoid legal problems. A major website for downloading first-run television shows without commercials is hosted in Italy, even though it is run by people in the United States. This theoretically allows them to avoid any legal consequences that arise from DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) violations.


  • A final reason to get a international domain name is probably the most pragmatic. As many domain names on the .com, .net, and .org domains are already taken, using an international domain may be the only option to get the domain name you want. Even this use is growing increasingly more difficult, as most major websites tend to snap up every variation of their particular domain name to keep any one else from using it.

    NiceNIC $16.5 .Hk

         NiceNIC $5 .CN


NiceNIC 2013 RAA ICANN Accredited Registrar

1&2 Character .Asia Domains Sunrise & Lanrush - NiceNIC.NET


The 1&2 character .Asia domains Sunrise process commenced at October 22nd 12:00 noon UTC.

Sunrise phase will run for seven days, ending on Wednesday, October 30th, 24:00 UTC. Where domain names with only one successfully verified application will be delegated to the applicant. For domain names with more than one successfully verified application, an auction for the domain will be held between the successfully verified applicants.

As indicated in the “One- & Two- ASCII Character .ASIA Release Policies“, section 3.2, all Sunrise Applications are subjected to a verification process. Please ensure your Sunrise application include the following data for the verification of Trademark rights including:

Registered Mark: Exact word or phrase described by the Registered Mark as applied to the Domain Name Applied For;

Registration Number: Registration or serial number of the Registered Mark’s current registration. This is not the trademark application number. This number must enable the Verification Agent to access the correct registration entry in the trademark registry or trademark office;

Registration Locality: Location (country/economy) where the right is established (using the corresponding WIPO Standard ST.3 two-letter code);

Application Date: Date the Registered Mark was applied (corresponding to the registration described by the Registration Number and Registration Locality in 2 and 3 above);

Registration Date: Date on which the competent trademark office has registered the Registered Mark (this is not the application date but the day for which the mark is registered and has entered into full force and effect);

Registered Class: Number of the Class of the Registered Mark according to the Nice Classification System ( If more than one class has been registered with the domain, anyone can be used.

Nature of Entitlement: Whether the Applicant (corresponding to the Registrant Contact) holds the trademark as the original “OWNER”, “CO-OWNER” or “ASSIGNEE”. Please utilize “ASSIGNEE” also to indicate where the ownership of the Registered Mark is not yet reflected by the trademark office, such as in the case where the mark is recently transferred.

All Sunrise applications will be charged some non-refundable application fee. Single non-contested applications will be allocated immediately after successful verification with minimum two-year registration. Multiple applications please go into auction on Registry of .Asia’s auction partner, Sedo’s platform:


“Premium 1 & 2 Character .Asia” Landrush starts on November 5th. 

How to apply?
–> Submit an application through an ICANN & .Asia Accredited Registrar.

1&2 Character .Asia Domains Sunrise & Lanrush - NiceNIC.NET

Finding an effective domain name is paramount for any business in today’s digital age. The most coveted domain names are often short, memorable and keyword rich. These domains are created to captivate your targeted audience, as well as appeal to the search engines.

The .Asia registry is offering priority registrations for premium single and double character .Asia domains, such as ‘’,’ and ‘’. Not only are these domains short and compelling, they also contain a keyword and geo identifier – Asia.

Single and double character .Asia domain names are easy to remember and can be quickly shared, while short numeric strings can all together transcend language barriers. These domains are highly sought-after virtual real estate due to their scarcity and their simple nature.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to:
* LAUNCH effective and memorable Asia Marketing Campaign websites
* SNATCH up lucrative investment in prime virtual real estate
* INCREASE brand discoverability, harvest type-in traffic

The one and two character .Asia domain release will begin with a Sunrise offering of one and two character domains, giving trademark owners an opportunity to register domains that contain their owned marks.

A Landrush period will follow, enabling the general public to register additional premium one and two character .Asia domains.

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NiceNIC 2013 RAA ICANN Accredited Registrar

Congratulations to NiceNIC on Getting 2013 RAA ICANN Accredited

The 2013 RAA ICANN logo indicates that the registrar has signed the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement (“RAA”), which is the contract that governs the registrar relationship with ICANN. The 2013 RAA provides enhanced protections for registrants and an increased level of accountability for registrars, including but not limited to added registrar posting requirements, added compliance enforcement tools and increased accountability to third parties. Prospective registrants may want to take this fact into account when selecting a registrar for their gTLD name(s)

The 2013 RAA ICANN logo is not an indication of how long the registrar has been ICANN accredited. You can view this contract at

Only 2013 RAA ICANN Accredited Registrar can sell new top level domain names(new gTLDs).


NiceNIC Chinese version: IISP.COM

NiceNIC English version: NiceNIC.NET


2013 RAA ICANN Accredited Registrar


2013 RAA ICANN Accredited Registrar

A summary of 2013 RAA high level changes:

* Signing the agreement is a prerequisite to selling new top level domain names
* Registrars must now verify the identity of domain registrants through either a phone or e-mail verification system. The Registrant must confirm their details within 15 days after registration, or registration can be suspended or terminated.
* The Registrar will retain data (records of your account, registration data and certain correspondence) for two years after registrant changes registrar or domain expires.
  Other data including payment/transaction confirmations and registrant IP-address must be kept for 180 days after the registration.
  But it is duly noted that data retention must be in compliance with local law.
* Registrants are obligated to update contact information with the registrar within seven days of any changes.
* Registrant’s proxy or privacy service will have to escrow contact details. ICANN will however only be able to access this information, if the current registrar loses accreditation or goes out of business.
* ICANN will force registrars to sign the new RAA if not now, then soon, since all registrars that want to sell new gTLDs, will have to adopt the 2013 RAA.
  Registrars that have signed the 2009 RAA contract will have to sign the new 2013 RAA as old versions of the RAA will not be renewed when they expire in 2014.

Consider the impact on your organization when Registrars adopt the new RAA – you may already be wondering if there’s an easy way to bridge these changes … and the answer is: Yes!

By simply outsourcing your domain portfolio provisioning to NiceNIC.NET and by becoming NiceNIC‘s customer, your registrations will be administered by our accreditation. 95% of all our transactions are automated – even with the new requirements imposed by the 2013 RAA.

Bypass all the administrative hassle and technical issues complying to the new 2013 RAA and register as a partner with NiceNIC.NET today!

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NiceNIC HKIRC .HK Accredited Registrar

Congratulations to NiceNIC on becoming HKIRC Accredited Registrar


NiceNIC.NET-HKIRC Accredited Registrar-Hong Kong .HK Domain Registrar

Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited(HKIRC) hereby certifies that NiceNIC International Group Co., Limited has satisfied the accreditation requirements, has passed the Technical Testing Procedure and has become an HKIRC Accredited Registrar for the domain name categories,,,,, .hk, .公司.香港, .組織.香港, .網絡.香港, .個人.香港 and .香港, effective on the date of this Certificate. 

Date: 1 November 2013 (OFFICIAL Enquiry:


Register Hong Kong .HK Domain Names

.HK Domain Registration:
.COM.HK Domain Registration:
.NET.HK Domain Registration:
.ORG.HK Domain Registration:
.EDU.HK Domain Registration:
.IDV.HK Domain Registration:


Why Register .HK and Chinese .香港 Domain Names with NiceNIC.NET?
Hong Kong is an international metropolis and has been ranked the world’s freest economy for 18 consecutive years. Hong Kong has always been one of the top ranking countries in terms of global competitiveness due to its geographic location, free flow of information, low tax regime, talented workforce, protection of intellectual property rights, comprehensive legal system, favourable and globalised business environment. As a result, Hong Kong plays a major role in bridging trade and business activities among Mainland China, Asia and the global markets. By registering .hk and .香港 domain names, enterprises can make use of Hong Kong’s status and reputation and create their unique online “Hong Kong Brand”. This will help open up and expand markets and develop new opportunities.

English .HK and Chinese .香港 Domain Names
As an international business hub, both Chinese and English are used as official languages in Hong Kong. Customers can register an English .hk and a Chinese .香港 domain names for the price of one. By registering .hk and .香港 domain names, enterprises can strengthen their global brand awareness, and enjoy the business advantages of reaching both English-speaking and Chinese-speaking customers. This also enables customers who can read and write only in Chinese in the Greater China region to easily access their websites, hence helps opening up the huge market of Chinese speaking community with a population of over 13 billion and seizing the potential global opportunities.

Choice of Many .HK and .香港 Categories
Many categories of .hk and .香港 domain names are available to cater for the needs of different customers. Generic .hk and .香港 domain names can be registered by any local or overseas company, organisation or individual. Customers can make use of their simple and direct generic .hk and .香港 domain names to enhance their brand recognition and product awareness.
Furthermore, Hong Kong is China’s gateway to the international market. Access to comprehensive information is one of the many advantages Hong Kong can offer to businesses. Different specific .hk and .香港 domain name categories can cater for the needs of different types of customers, enabling them to establish their secure and credible websites. Customers can choose from six specific Hong Kong .HK domain name categories, namely,,,,, and their Chinese .香港 equivalents. By providing respective documentary proof, customers can establish a reliable website with unique online Hong Kong identity and strengthen their unrivalled positioning in the highly competitive business world.

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NiceNIC $5 .CN Domain Transfer PROMO End of 2013

Are your .CN Domain names still Not registered with NiceNIC.NET?


Most Registrars offer .CN domain transfers, registration services etc with far higher prices than NiceNIC.NET do – but now No Problem
Now you have the chance to transfer your .CN domain names to the local CNNIC Accredited Registrar NiceNIC with the WORLD’s LOWEST pricing and by our Fast & Easy transfer process prior to renewing:


.CN Domain Transfer Promo URL:



Account Tier .CN Domain Transfer PROMO Price
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Account Tier .中国 .公司 .网络 Domain Transfer PROMO Price
Market Account $53.33 per year
Basic Account $33.67 per year
Super Account $30.00 per year
VIP Account $26.67 per year


[* How to apply for VIP/Super Account?]


.CN Domain Transfer Promo Name:

NiceNIC $5 .CN Domain Transfer PROMO End of 2013

Domain .CN Transfer Promo Starts: 
Domain .CN Transfer Promo Ends: 

.CN Domain Transfer Rule: 
Apply to domain transfers of .CN, .COM.CN, .NET.CN and all [Chinese Province].CNs, .中国, .公司, .网络, namely all Chinese domain names operated by Registry of CNNIC
[>>Click HERE to view complete China .CN domain extensions]

* Every .CN Domain Transfer to NiceNIC includes:
1) Lifetime FREE .CN Whois Privacy
2) FREE .CN Nameserver Registration
3) FREE .CN DNS Records Update
4) FREE .CN Domain Push
5) Unlimited Support Tickets

* .CN Domain Transfer Tips:
1) China .CN domain names must be valid and already registered with another Registrar
2) .CN Chinese domain must be registered for at least 60 days and in unlocked status
3) .CN domain transfer only available 30 days prior to .CN expiry date
4) .CN Domain Name Transfers will take 5 calendar days in general

How does NiceNIC’s .CN Domain Transfer process work?
Just 3 steps:
#1 Get .CN EPP authorization code from your current domain Registrar
#2 Submit .CN domain transfer request on NiceNIC’s homepage or Domain .CN Transfer page
#3 Complete transfer payment to renew .CN domain name for at least 1 year

China .CN Domain Transfer IN NiceNIC
China .CN Transfer in – allows you to change from your current domain Registrar to NiceNIC.NET, the most SPECIAL ICANN Accredited Registrar with the BEST Services in Asia and WORLD-LOWEST pricing for China .CN Domain Names; usually during the .CN transfer process one year at least is added to the domain registration period; EPP authorization key (obtainable from the leaving Registrar) is required for transferring China .cn domain names.
Be sure your .CN Domain Transfer lock is disabled to transfer your China .cn domain to NiceNIC.NET. With Domain Transfer Lock, prevent unauthorized domain transfers by locking your China .cn domain. With Domain Transfer Lock turned on you can still perform legal name changes, account consolidation or transfers between accounts.


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FAQs for .HK Domain Names

1. What is .HK?
.HK is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Hong Kong.

2. What kind of .HK domain names does NiceNIC.NET offer?
NiceNIC.NET as .HK Accredited Registrar offers all domain names operated by Registry of HKIRC:
.HK     (get .香港 for FREE)
.COM.HK (get 公司.香港 for FREE)
.NET.HK get (網絡.香港 for FREE)
.ORG.HK (get 組織.香港 for FREE)
.EDU.HK (get 教育.香港 for FREE)
.GOV.HK (get 政府.香港 for FREE)
.IDV.HK (get 個人.香港 for FREE)

3. Who can register .HK domain name and what are the special registration requirements/restrictions for .HK domain names?
There are no restrictions on who can register .HK domain name, it can be registered by any individual or business in any country.
The only information Registry of HKIRC would require is Government issued company registration number (for organizations) OR valid ID/passport number (for individuals).
Generally, there is no documentary proof required.

4. Who can register .COM.HK, .NET.HK, ORG.HK or other Hong Kong HK domain names and what are the special registration requirements/restrictions?
Please refer to for details.

5. What is the length for .HK domain name?
Minimum of 2 / maximum of 63 characters are allowed for a .HK English domain name. The total number of characters for a .HK Chinese domain name in the string of registration should not exceed 15.

6. What is the term of registration?
The term of registration is 1,2,3,5 years.

7. How do I perform a .HK domain registration?
#1 Visit
#2 Enter the .HK domain name you hope to register in the search bar on the homepage of NiceNIC.NET
(For bulk register .HK domain names, please use the link of
#3 Add the .HK domain name(s) to the shopping cart
#4 Log into your control panel to Check Out/complete payment and DONE!
(For new customer, please “Create New Account” firstly)
Or, you can contact NiceNIC.NET via Email or online ticket to request NiceNIC.NET staffs to walk you through the whole purchase process. It’s FREE!

8. How do I manage my .HK domain name for example, modify nameservers, create DNS records and etc.?
You may manage domain name by “Control Panel > My Account > My Domain > Manage”. You won’t miss it!

9. Can I change Registrant name for .HK domain name?
Yes, you are allowed to change Registrant name for .HK domain name.

10. What are the reserved or prohibited .HK domain names?
The .HK Registry has reserved or blocked certain names. These include:
1-character words;
Generic top-level domains which include, but are not limited to, sponsored top-level domains;
Full names or abbreviations of all local regions or districts;
2-character country codes;
Common surnames or family names;
Any other Domain Name included on the Reserve List.
and additionally, in the case of Chinese Domain Names, Domain Names which we consider to be
The Chinese translation of generic level domains and sponsored level domains;
Names of countries or regions that use Chinese Characters as their language;
Common technical terms related to domain names and related international name associations;
Types and levels of schools and other educational institutions in Hong Kong.
A .HK Chinese domain name contains at least one Chinese character.
The rest of the string for a .HK Chinese domain name may be composed of other character(s) like English letters (A-Z, a-z), Arabian numerals (0-9) or a hyphen (-)
The total number of characters for a .HK Chinese domain name in the string of registration should not exceed 15.
A hyphen should not appear at the beginning and/or at the end of the string of registration nor as the third and the fourth characters for a .HK Chinese domain name.

11. What is the term of renewal?
The term of renewal is 1,2,3,5 years.

12. What is the renewal grace period for .HK domain name and how do I perform a domain renewal?
Renewal grace period for .HK domain name is 29 days and you may renew the domain name by “Control Panel > My Account > My Domain > Renew”. So easy!

13. Any Redemption Grace Period (RGP) for .HK domain name?
Yes, Redemption Grace Period for .HK domain name is a period of 60 days.

14. How long does it takes for a domain to release to public registration after expired and not renew?
After a .HK domain was expired, it will go through below life cycle:
29 days renewal grace period — > 60 days Redemption grace period –> No pending delete
If you did not renew and restore the domain name, it will be released for public re-registration approximately 89 days from the domain expiration date.

15. More questions? You are welcome to contact NiceNIC.NET at


Chinese TradeMark .CN Domain Names Available to PUBLIC now

Dear Valued Customer,

We were notified by Registry of CNNIC on July 9th 2013 that Chinese TradeMark .CN domain names already went PUBLIC.

Now both company and individuals from all over the world can register Chinese TradeMark .CN domains with the same price of a generic .CN domain name FREEly and WITHOUT extra materials being required to submit.

Attention: Chinese TradeMark .CN domain registration is on a “FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED” basis!

ICANN & CNNIC Accredited Registrar – NiceNIC.NET is offering Chinese TradeMark .CN domain registration with World-Lowest Price of 0.83 USD!

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Below are partial Chinese TradeMark .CN domain names for your reference:

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