ICANN Accredited Chinese Registrar NiceNIC needs your Reciprocal Feedback

Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement to the ICANN & CNNIC Accredited Registrar of NiceNIC in the past years, thank you for having chosen NiceNIC as your Asian Provider of various domain names, web hosting packages, Email hosting plans.

To improve user experience, show our attitude in always putting customer first and stay competitive, we intend to revamp the whole website of http://NiceNIC.NET and invest more efforts in enhancing customer’s sense of participation, after the newly version shopping cart system went online. Some preparation work is right in the process.

However, we were just reminded by NiceNIC Design Director that there is a section named “Customer Testimonial” in which we would need your assistance. For any customer who could give us some feedback/comments/suggestion/proposal from his/her previous experience making contact with the ICANN Accredited Chinese Registrar NiceNIC, we will place his/her comment and MAIN website with DIRECT hyperlink on the homepage of NiceNIC and SHARE his/her comment with the main website link on all top social networking websites, i.e. Facebook, Tweet, Google+, LinkedIN etc.

Now, please let us know how you like NiceNIC with the following content by writing to us at support @ nicenic .net or submitting a ticket online:

#1 Personal Name/Company Name:
#2 Feedback/Comment/Suggestion/Proposal:

#3 Main Website:

Any help and response we could receive from your end will be immensely appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
NiceNIC.NET Team

ICANN & CNNIC Accredited Chinese Registrar

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