CNNIC released the 32nd Statistical Report on China Internet Development

Chinese Netizen Growth Entered into a Steady State
Application Hotspot Transferred to Mobile Phone Products

On July 17th, 2013, China Internet Network Information Center(CNNIC) released the 32nd Statistical Report on China Internet Development (“the Report”). The Report shows that by the end of June 2013, Chinese netizens reached 591 million, with the Internet penetration being 44.1%. During the first half of this year, mobile phones as the Internet terminals made an eye-catching play, because it not only became an important source of new netizens but also performed well in such network applications as instant messaging and e-business.

Chinese Netizen Growth Entered into a Steady State, Mobile Phones Became No. 1 Source of New Netizens

The Report shows that by the end of June 2013, the number of netizens in China has reached 591 million, increasing by 26.56 million compared with the end of 2012. The Internet penetration was 44.1%, increasing by 2% compared to that at the end of 2012. Of the new Chinese netizens, up to 70.0% of them used mobile phones to surf the Internet, outnumbering those Chinese netizens who use other equipment to surf the Internet. It is worth mentioning that the Internet penetration was quite fast in the rural areas of China. Of the new netizens in the semiannual period, Chinese rural netizens accounted for 54.4%.

Meantime, the number of mobile phone netizens in China has reached 464 million by the end of June 2013, increasing by 43.79 million compared with the end of 2012. Netizens of using mobile phones rose to 78.5%. Popularity of the 3G, development of wireless networks, and innovation of mobile phone application greatly facilitated the rapid growth of Chinese mobile phone netizens.

In comparison to the end of 2012, the Chinese user scale had increased by 14.0%, 18.9%, 15.7% and 12.0% respectively in the Chinese mobile phone network music, mobile phone network video, mobile phone network game and mobile phone network literature, maintaining a high growth rate.

As an Internet application with rapid rise in recent years, the e-business application developed rapidly at the mobile phone terminal. Specifically, the Chinese netizen scale in the mobile phone online payment grew by a large margin. The Report shows that the Chinese online payment user has reached 244 million, increasing by 23.73 million in a half year, with a growth rate of 10.8%. Specifically, the number of mobile phones online payment user rose by 43.0% over the year 2012. In addition, large-scale growth was seen in the mobile phone shopping, mobile phone group purchase and mobile phone online banking. – China both CNNIC and ICANN Accredited Registrar – Register .CN .COM.CN Domain Names for just 5 USD per Year + FREE Trustee Service


1&2 Character and 3&4 Numeric .Asia Domains Available Soon -NiceNIC.NET

1&2 Character and 3&4 Numeric .Asia Domains Available Soon

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How to Apply for Premium 1&2 Character .Asia Domains
Please submit SR1 application through EPP(NiceNIC.NET – ICANN & .ASIA Accredited Registrar) to apply for 1&2 character .Asia domains. During the Sunrise and Landrush period, the 133 parked domains will be un-parked and freed up for SR1 command application along with the rest of the group.

PLEASE NOTE, once the registry opens for Sunrsie and Landrush for the 1&2 character domains (duration approx 2 weeks, see below for detailed dates), these domains will come up as “available” during domain check to allow for SR1 submissions. However, they will NOT be available for registration through the general availability process. A possible quick solution may be to put these domain names on a registrar in-house “reserved name list” during the time of Sunrise and Landrush so that the domains do not come up accidentally as “available” during regular customer domain check.

1&2 Character Policies and Release Process
The 1&2 character premium .Asia domains will be released through four segments: the Pioneer Domains Program, Sunrise, Landrush and Public Auctions Phases. Please review 1&2 character release policy here.

1&2 Character Release Dates
Pioneer Domains Program
Opening: Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Closing: Thursday, October 17, 2013
Sunrise (approx 1 week)
Opening: Tuesday, Oct 22, 2013
Closing: Wednesday, Oct 30, 2013
Landrush (approx 1 week)
Opening: Tuesday, Nov 5, 2013
Closing: Wednesday, Nov 13, 2013
Public Auctions Phase
Opening: Tuesday, Dec 3, 2013
* More information available on the Public Auctions at a later date

1&2 Character Associated Fees
Pioneer Domains Program

  • Application Fee (non-refundable): US$5,000 (each proposal will require an application fee and prior acknowledgment and acceptance of relevant terms and conditions, as well as be subjected to a Pioneer Challenge Process)
  • Marketing Deposit of US$10,000 upon successful application (applicant will need to spend US$10,000 on promoting the domain in order to receive refund on the marketing deposit).


  • Application Fee: US$1,000 (non refundable)
  • Single application, non contested: US$1,000 + $20 two-year registration fee
  • Multiple applications, auction domain: US$1,000 + Auction fee + $20 two- year registration fee


  • No Application Fee
  • Single application: $1,000 + $20 two-year registration fee
  • Multiple applications, auction domain: Auction Fee (note starting bid at $1,000) + $20 two-year registration fee

3&4 Numeric .Asia domains
3&4 character numeric .Asia domains are available via public auctions only. These domains are not available for registration via EPP commands. More information on the 3&4 Numeric .Asia domain auctions at a later date.



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