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Why Get a Chinese Domain: .cn

In the next wave of global online business, Chinese domain(.cn) represents institutions everywhere with an opportunity to be successful in the Chinese market or social life. It is a crucial time for companies or organizations to protect their internet identities in .CN. This secures the gate to China’s huge marketplace.

Since Chinese government opened the .cn domain for public registration, more than 1 million domains in TLD .cn had been registered. Most of these domains are registered by domain speculators, who want to make a fortune in domain investing. Some did win a jackpot. It is reported that Google has redeemed two domains: and for more than 1 million dollars. This news has not only ignited the people around the world to register .cn domains, but also raises alerts to international business that has not yet established their cn domains.

Why a .cn domain is valuable to a business?

A domain in .cn allows the registrant to protect well-established brand names in one of the largest marketplaces in the online world. A .cn domain provides localized identity for a business to get closer to the consumers in China.

Chinese Domain Registration Guide: .cn

The previously reserved official Chinese TLD .cn, has been opened to general public registration worldwide! This creates a great opportunity for people around the world to get a domain of the TLD .cn, etc.

The internet population keeps growing rapidly in China. This is a valuable market that no business can ignore.

It is very important for any international business to secure a .cn domain. Getting a .cn domain is really crucial to protect their internet identity.

We have collected general information about the China domain registration and related regulations.

How to find out if a domain name has value?

1. General terms, for example, car, house, phone, etc. Also some acronym or some pinyin are good too, such as PC, shouji. The difficulty is that you need to act fast to grab these kind of domains. Right now, most of such kind of domains are gone.

2. Shortnames. For now, all domains with less than 3 characters are registered. The reason behind this is that short names are easy for visitor to remember and come back. It is valuable to a site. A guy had registered a domain in 1999 for his own use. In 2005, this domain was sold for 200K RMB, simply because C.Q. happens to stands for one of the biggest Chinese city name “Chong Qing”.

3. Any famous brand names. Recently, google had paid big buck to get the domains and . Many world-famous brand name in .cn had already been registered. Though this could be a possible way to get rich, but the brand owner has a very good chance to win the case at the court to get back the domain name. So you must be prepared to fight in the court.

Expired or Deleted China Domains: .cn

Everyday, there are a lot of .cn domains expired and deleted. Some are abandoned by the owner or some are not renewed because the owners forgot to do so. If you are fast enough, you may be able to get a good domain you want.

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.CN domain First Time open to Individual registrant

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Below please find the latest report about dot CN domain registration from “CNNIC Implementing Rules of Domain Name Registration“:

To meet the application requirements of national domain name of China by the public and further regulate the registration service and management of domain name, CNNIC recently revised the CNNIC Implementing Rules of Domain Name Registration (Implementing rules) since we made the sufficient preparation work on verification of registration information, privacy protection of registrants’ information, registrar management and rights protection about national domain name of China, and meanwhile reported to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) for the record. With the approval from MIIT, we accordingly announce the enforcement of the revised implementing rules from 00:00 of 29th May, 2012 (GMT +8) and corresponding denunciation of original version of the implementing Rules implemented since 5th June, 2009.

The revisions focus on the eligible applicants defined in Article 14 of original version of the Implementing rules, elaboration of privacy protection of domain name registration information through specific articles, and an improvement on the domain name registration, transfer and renewal processes. Revision details are as following:

I. Supplement of the eligible applicants. It is revised to be as “any individual or organization that can bear independently civil liabilities, has the right to apply for the domain registration under the implementing rules”, i.e., individuals are newly involved into the domain name applicant scope.

II. Privacy protection of domain name registration information. The revision stresses the privacy protection of registrants’ information by explicit provisions of the transmission, storage and destruction of registration files and disposal issues in the case of registrar’s withdrawal from CNNIC.

III. Renewal confirmation period issue of domain name. The implementing rules regulate that “expiration of domain name follows the renewal confirmation period spontaneously. Registrants confirm whether to renew in the period. Registrars have the authority to cancel the domain name if registrants confirm not to renew in written forms; if registrants fail to express whether or not to renew within 30 days, registrars have the authority to cancel the domain name in 30 days”.

Upholding the principle of “customer first”, we will give priority to the sufficient protection of all organizational and individual registrants for their legal registration and application rights and interests of domain name in compliant with China Internet Domain Name Regulations and the implementing rules. We welcome and appreciate your supervision. If you have any questions about registration and application of “.CN” and “.中国”, please contact us by:

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