How to Register & Transfer .CN Domain Name with NiceNIC?

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According to the feedback from our customer service team, we ponder it is necessary to post an explanation to clarify How to Register .CN Domain Name and How to Transfer .CN Domain Name with NiceNIC.NET.


I. How to Register .CN Domain Name with NiceNIC?

CNNIC adopted more liberal policies not long ago, and now natural persons with mainland China ID cards are allowed to register dot CN domain names as well.
However, the regulation for companies/individuals from outside of China still exists. In order to eliminate the barrier, NiceNIC offer FREE CN Trustee Service to facilitate .CN series domain registration.

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Let’s take XXX.CN as an example to explain how dot CN domain registration will go on for Registrants outside of China:
1. You submit the request of XXX.CN domain registration via NiceNIC.NET website and complete the payment.

2. One of the customer service staffs will be assigned to check whether you have already emailed us or submited materials(company registration certificate and/or individual passport in general) online for Registry of CNNIC’s authentication or not,
(1) if the materials were not received, XXX.CN will be registered with NiceNIC FREE + COMPLETE Trustee Service and activated instantly,
(2) while if the materials were ready, the authentication process would be moved to next step, and CNNIC started to take in charge. In most cases, this step will proceed on smoothly without delay, take 1-2 business days, and Registrar will receive the authentication results soon.

3. If everything goes well, we could move onto the final step; if CNNIC advise that something lacked, you would be notified by us to complement. No worries, we stay with you! 😉

4. (1) If you have no further plan to develop XXX.CN to a website but keep the domain in case other people grab it, then nothing you should do next.
(2) If you intend to develop XXX.CN to a website, you should provide us with the Host Provider name, IP address(es), DNS(es) in which you would host XXX.CN and resolve it correctly.

5. Done.

[4.(2) The restricted status of clientHold will be removed from XXX.CN]


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II. How to Transfer .CN Domain Name to NiceNIc?

Let’s take YYY.CN as an example to explain how dot CN domain transfer will go on (CNNIC do not differentiate regions for dot CN domain transfer):
1. You acquire the Auth-Code of YYY.CN from your previous registrar.

2. You submit the request of YYY.CN domain transfer via NiceNIC.NET website and complete the payment of at least one-year renewal.

3. We receive the request and submit your information to CNNIC to activate the transfer.

4. Transfer process will take 5 days in general if no Quick-transfer available.

5. When the transfer is completed and you check the whois, the expiration time of domain name YYY.CN will be extended for at least one year according to your renewal payment, and the exact date will be the same as your previous expire date.

>> Wanna transfer dot CN domain names in BULK? 
Simply find


NDNS Professional is one of the technologies we developed to faciliate the network switch between Telecom and Unicom, but honestly, NDNS Professional is not working for dot CN series domain names, hence kindly please be noted to select NDNS Standard(Free).


Should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and let us know how we could serve you better.


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CNNIC & ICANN Accredited Registrar


NiceNIC Ranked among ICANN Accredited Registrar List

2012 is doomed to be an extraodinary year, 2012 welcomes NiceNIC milestone, 2012 marks a newborn ranked among ICANN Accredited Registrar list after 7 years’ continuing effort and surviving from intense competition, we NiceNICers are definitely proud of her accomplishment nowadays.


Below is the letter of congratulation from Verisign:
“It is our pleasure to congratulate you on becoming an ICANN accredited registrar. Now that you have met the requirements of ICANN, our team is looking forward to assisting you in completing the Verisign certification process so you can quickly begin registering .com and .net domain names. We hope this support will prove to be helpful in reducing the investment of your internal resources and time.”


“ICANN has informed .ORG, managed by the Public Interest Registry (PIR) that you have recently completed your ICANN accreditation to become a registrar and wish to partner with us by becoming an .ORG accredited registrar.”


“We received notification from ICANN that you have added the .tel appendix to your agreement with them. There hasn’t been a better time to become involved with .tel domains and we are pleased to assist you in becoming accredited as a participating .tel registrar.”


“Congrats on your recent ICANN Accreditation…”



“We have been notified that your company is now ICANN-accredited as a .BIZ registrar.  Neustar looks forward to getting your company up and running as soon as possible!”


More registries will be notified by ICANN for the corresponding domain names signed in the RAA in the next days, we NiceNIC have been staying for the disposal of sign-up/accreditation process, striving to save time and expedite each step if possible. The concerned technical staffs have been arranged to re-set the product prices to a more competitive level. Detailed information will come out when available.


Flying with the strong momentum, our English version website NiceNIC.NET was launched with her unique style of “Keep Internet Simple Stupid” (acronym “KISS“), and dedicated to offer clients easy to navigate, fast to locate services in domain name registration, web hosting purchase, 1 to 1 customer support.


Standing at the peak of internet infrastruture, we firstly need to appreciate every client, and every website viewer who ever stayed here, without your persistant support and comprehension, we are nothing, hope 2012 will bring you and your family lucky, happy, healthy life.


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ZhuHai NaiSiNiKe Information Technology Co Ltd. 2009 China .asia .biz .com .info .mobi .name .net .org .tel .xxx


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NiceNIC Team
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Why does NiceNIC Reseller Program try a prepaid system?

In deference to recent NiceNIC.NET clients’ request, we hereby make an explanation about why NiceNIC reseller program is based on prepayment, hope it would help a bit anyhow.


Actually, working on a prepaid system is beneficial both for you and NiceNIC.NET. Our prices are discounted, while the interests of domain name owners are incredibly high. By maintaining a prepaid balance you will be able to renew your domain registrations automatically and you do NOT have to concern yourself with losing domain names. For NiceNIC.NET this system guarantees continuity and less administration, which makes it possible to keep our prices low. Additionally it may also offer us the means to keep upgrading and perfecting our equipment and services.


Your deposit will never expire and there is no threshold for a minimal balance. You could use the full amount deposited without making a new deposit. However, we advise you to have positive balance on your account for automatic renewals therefore you would NOT lose any domains.


For more information about NiceNIC Domain Reseller Program, please kindly check OR write us directly at Admin @ NiceNIC.NET.


Your continued support and comprehension have been greatly appreciated!


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NiceNIC Team


ICANN CNNIC Accredited Registrar

Registration and Service Announcement of .中国(.China)

Posted by – ICANN & CNNIC Accredited Registrar

In July, 2010, “.中国”(.China)was officially accepted and added into the root zonefile as the Chinese character TLD and achieved the overall visits to the Internet. During the development process of the past two years, “.中国”(.China)has been recognized and acknowledged by extensive users. “.中国”(.China)was gradually improved in the aspects of registration service system and technological system. As an standalone TLD, “.中国”(.China)has possessed the registration and service prerequisites and capability. To promote the smooth development of “.中国”(.China)so as to meet the requirements of China’s Internet development, we made the announcement of registration and service of “.中国”(.China)as follows:


I. From 29th October, 2012, “中文.CN” (“”) and “中文.中国” (“Chinese. China” ) will be respectively implemented the standalone registration and service.
II. From 29th October, 2012, users can comply with the naming rules of simply using or combining with the Chinese characters, English letters or Arabic numerals and hyphen for “.中国”(.China)domain name with the naming rules of “.CN” and other TLDs as the references. In order to protect the interests of relevant registrants, we will further notify the registration process with the naming rules as simply using or combining with the English letters or Arabic numerals and hyphen.


“.中国” is the Chinese character TLD representing of China on the global Internet. We welcome all potential customers to register “.中国”(.China)on their own wish. If you have any comments and suggestions about registration and application of “.中国”(.China), please contact our accredited registrars or CNNIC as following:

Tel: 010-58813000 (7*24)
Fax: 010-58812666


China Internet Network Information Center
28th May, 2012