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NiceNIC CN Trustee Service Adjustment 2013

Dear Valued Customer,


Thank you for your trust and support to NiceNIC in the past years, we as a Team will continue to work hard to provide you with more quality & innovative products and services in 2013.


Please be advised that NiceNIC technical support made little adjustment on the previous Trustee Service as of morning of 4th Feb, 2013, China Standard Time, based on CNNIC’s updated authentication mode on dot CN series domain names.


Now all new customers including CN Resellers who register dot CN domains with NiceNIC will select COMPLETE Trustee Service automatically, that means the domain names will be activated instantly with NICENIC INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO., LIMITED’s full trustee information including Tel, Fax, Zip code, mailing address etc. However, please rest assured that the notification of domain renewal and other important notices will be still sent to the email address client filled when they sign up account with NiceNIC.NET.

We apologize for any inconvenience the NiceNIC CN Trustee Service Adjustment 2013 might bring to you.


NiceNIC values your business and stands available to discuss any issues with its customers.  Please contact Support Team at OR submit a ticket online at with any questions.


Kindest regards,


Zheng Wang, CEO


.CN Domain Registration $4.85 + FREE Trustee Service

NiceNIC CN Domain Registration $4.85 FREE Trustee Service

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Many registries do not assign domain names the same way. The process for the China .cn and the registry for .com domain names for example, are completely different and may require different information. Registration may require an administrative contact with a physical address in that particular country. The requirements and registration process vary widely for each country and that’s why NiceNIC.NET provides outstanding Trustee Services in order to make your registration experience a simple and worry-free process.
NiceNIC – CNNIC Accredited Registrar
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Chinese.CN $4.85 + FREE Trustee Service

29th October English/ China Domain Names Available Now!

IDN.CN/中文.CN/Chinese.CN – $4.85 + FREE Trustee Service

.中国 Domain Registration – First Come First Served


“.中国”(.China) was officially accepted in July, 2010 and added into the root zonefile as the Chinese character TLD and achieved the overall visits to the Internet. During the development process of the past two years, “.中国”(.China) has been recognized and acknowledged by extensive users. “.中国”(.China) was gradually improved in the aspects of registration service system and technological system. As an standalone TLD, “.中国”(.China) has possessed the registration and service prerequisites and capability. To promote the smooth development of “.中国”(.China) so as to meet the requirements of China’s Internet development, CNNIC made the announcement of registration and service of “.中国”(.China) as follows:


I. From 29th October, 2012, “中文.CN” (“”) and “中文.中国” (“Chinese. China” ) will be respectively implemented the standalone registration and service.


II. From 29th October, 2012, users can comply with the naming rules of simply using or combining with the Chinese characters, English letters or Arabic numerals and hyphen for “.中国”(.China) domain name with the naming rules of “.CN” and other TLDs as the references. In order to protect the interests of relevant registrants, we will further notify the registration process with the naming rules as simply using or combining with the English letters or Arabic numerals and hyphen.


“.中国”, which means “.CHINA” in Simplified Chinese, is the Chinese character TLD representing of China on the global Internet. Previously, only Chinese character IDNs were available to be registered, and now & China Domain Names go live!


We welcome all potential customers to register “.中国”(.China) on their own wish, please visit the registration page, or contact NiceNIC.NET Support Team at to get started today. Don’t miss your chance before your name is gone!


Good luck and happy registering!

CNNIC & ICANN Accredited Registrar

.中国 China Domain Name Go Live (available to the public):

October 29, 2012 (0:00 UTC)
Minimum Registration Term: 1 year
Maximum Registration Term: 10 years
Best Price: $29.13/year + FREE Trustee Service

IDN.CN/中文.CN/Chinese.CN – $4.85 + FREE Trustee Service


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