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What are the naming rules for .CN domain?


1. Users can comply with the naming rules of simply using or combining with English letters (A-Z, case-insensitive), Arabic numerals (0-9) and half-angle hyphen “-” (i.e., middle transverse line), but not spaces and special characters (such as!, $, & and ?);

2. “-” can not appear continuously, separately registered or placed at the beginning or end;

3. At most 63 characters can be registered.The maximum length for 中文.CN registration should be calculated after transferred into punycode. The transcoding method refers to “Online Transcoding of Chinese Domain Names”.


How to choose the .CN domain names to be registered?


You can select a CN domain name for registration according to your own needs and preferences, such as:

1. Vocabulary able to significantly mark the products or brands of the registrant, such as coca-cola.com.cn,青岛啤酒.cn;

2. Vocabulary directly marking the registrant, such as, full spelling of an individual’s name in English and in Chinese: 姚明.cn,liming.cn, and full spelling of an entity’s name in English and in Chinese or abbreviated forms as 中央电视台.cn, sina.com.cn.

In order to encourage individual users to pay close attention to the civil rights and interests related to their names, and promote the use of the domain names corresponding to the names by more relevant people, our Center supports such behaviors of the individuals to register the domain names related to their names. The name-related domain names refer to those domain names registered by individuals strongly related to their names, including corresponding English and Chinese pinyin.

3. Advertising language of an enterprise or product, for example, imaginationatwork.cn;

4. Service number to highlight a corporate outreaching promotion, for example, 10086.cn;

5. Such network popular words easy to remember as 520.cn.


How to register the CN domain names?


Please refer to http://nicenic.net/domain/cn-domain-registration.php.



How to use 中文.CN domain names?


Currently, the global mainstream browsers, such as IE7.0, IE8.0, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari, have already achieved direct support to 中文.CN domain names. You can directly enter the 中文.CN domain name in the address bar to get direct access to the corresponding website, such as:






Besides, in the中文.CN domain name delimiters, the half-angle and full-angle “.” in English is equivalent to the Chinese period “。”, such as:





Domains above are equivalent and can get access to the same website accordingly.


The simplified and traditional Chinese domain names are equivalent either.For example:






Domains above are equivalent and can get access to the same website accordingly.


In case of IE 6.0 or lower browsers, then you need to enter http:// 中文.CN in the address bar, and guided by the page, you can reach the corresponding website, for example: http://www.新华网.cn.


How to register the protected domain?


Protected domain names refer to certain words related to interests of the nation and the civil society,CNNIC may take necessary measures to protect them according to China Internet Domain Name Regulations.


1. The applicant shall post the original application materials to the registrar including:


(1) Domain Registration Form sealed by the applicant; download

(2) Registrant’s identification;

(3) Registrant contact’s identification;

(4) Other materials matching the reasons for protection of the domain


2. Our Center audits the application documents


The registrar will submit the application materials to our Center, and if qualified, our Center will transfer the domain to the database of the registrar. If the application materials are not qualified, our Center will notify the registrar of the reasons. The auditing time will be three working days since our Center receives the relevant materials.


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.CN Domain Name FAQ 2 – NiceNIC.NET

What are .CN domain names?


The .CN domain names are Chinese top level domain names, featuring the domain names with .CN as the suffix, including the second-level domain names directly registered under .CN and the third-level domain names registered under the .CN second-level domain names.

CN is the Country Code Top Level Domain(ccTLD), representing China. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), as the .CN registry, responsible for the operation and administration of .CN domain name system, and maintenance of central database.


What advantages to register .CN domain names?


1. Conducive to China’s national Internet information security;

2. Applicable to China’s laws for full protection of the users’ interests;

3. Full Chinese services to protect the right of users to be informed;

4. The .CN domain name is rich in resources, with satisfactory domain names available;

5. Significant function of identification can reflect your own values and positioning.



Select a .CN domain name for registration


What categories of .CN domain names? What CN-suffixed domain names can be registered?


1. You can directly register the .CN-suffixed second-level domain names, for example: cnnic.cn,互联网博物馆.CN. It features a short and easy structure to memorize, and can highlight the Chinese concept;

2. Under the CN top level domain names, you can set such two categories of second-level domain names in English as “category domain names” and “administrative region domain names”.



(1) The category domain names refer to such domain names in accordance with the nature of the entity applicant , totally7,respectively:


AC.CN – for example,Computer Network Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences:cnic.ac.cn;

COM.CN – for example,Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited:icbc.com.cn;

EDU.CN – for example,Peking University:pku.edu.cn;

GOV.CN – for example,Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China:www.gov.cn;

MIL.CN – for example,Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution:junbo.mil.cn;

NET.CN – for example,China Internet Network Information Center:cnnic.net.cn;

ORG.CN– for example,China Computer Federation:ccf.org.cn


Special tips for category domain names registration:


The third level domain names registered under “.GOV.CN”shall meet the requirement of Article 2 of Chapter 3 of CNNIC Implementing Rules of Domain Name Registration. For detailed requirement, please see note below:How to register the GOV domains?

The rules for the third level domain names registered under “.EDU.CN” are stipulated separately by the China Education and Research Network.

The rules for the third level domain names registered under “.MIL.CN” are stipulated separately by China Greatwall Internet.


(2) The administrative region domain names refer to those domain names assigned in accordance with abbreviation of each administrative region in China, totally 34, applicable to China’s 34 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government.


Respectively: BJ.CN – Beijing; SH.CN – Shanghai; TJ.CN – Tianjin; CQ.CN – Chongqing; HE.CN – Hebei; SX.CN – Shanxi; NM.CN – Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; LN.CN – Liaoning; JL.CN – Jilin; HL.CN – Heilongjiang; JS.CN – Jiangsu; ZJ.CN – Zhejiang; AH.CN – Anhui; FJ.CN – Fujian; JX.CN – Jiangxi; SD.CN – Shandong; HA.CN – Henan; HB.CN – Hubei; HN.CN – Hunan; GD.CN – Guangdong; GX.CN – Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; HI.CN – Hainan; SC.CN – Sichuan; GZ.CN – Guizhou; YN.CN – Yunnan; XZ.CN – Tibet Autonomous Region; SN.CN – Shaanxi; GS.CN – Gansu; QH.CN – Qinghai; NX.CN – Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region; XJ.CN – Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; TW.CN – Taiwan; HK.CN – Hongkong Special Administrative Region; MO.CN – Macao Special Administrative Region; For example: Beijing’s institutions may choose such domain names as online.bj.cn.


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.CN Domain Name FAQ 1 – NiceNIC.NET

What are the domain names? What are second-level domain names, third-level domain names and sub-domain names? How to use our own domain names?

.CN Domain Name FAQ1 - www.nicenic.net


A domain name is similar to a house number on Internet, a hierarchical-structure character identification used to identify and locate the computer and corresponding to the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer. But compared with the IP address, it is more convenient for users to understand and memorize.


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) undertakes to manage and coordinate the international Internet domain name system and assign the top-level domain names in the Internet domain name system, including:


The country and regional code top level domain names (referred to as ccTLD) correspond to the geographical location of a country and region, such as, .CN/.中国 represent China, .US represents the United States of America;


The generic top level domain names (referred to as gTLD) correspond to different types, more frequently, such as, .COM, .NET and .ORG. In recent years, ICANN has added some top level domain name types according to the requirements of the domain name system, such as, .BIZ and .INFO.


.CN Domain Name FAQ1 - www.nicenic.net

A domain name can be assigned with sub-domain names, and the users can customize such domain names or seek help from registrars. Sub-domain names are the relative concept compared to the parent domain names, whose secondary levels are called as sub-domain names. Each domain name has many levels separated by an English period “.” in between, for example, http://www.nicenic.net is a sub-domain name of nicenic.net. Domain names are classified as the basic Internet services, able to provide such application services as WWW, EMAIL and FTP based on domain names, including:


1. Making your own or your own entity’s homepage;

2. Making your own or your own entity’s e-mail system, to achieve the functions of mail receiving, mail sending and external contacts;

3. Use in enterprise and product promotion, for example: to display your own or your own entity’s homepage.

4. Domain names can be pointed to your own Weibo or web space.

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Graphic: Who’s bullish on Bitcoin?

“I predict the Internet will soon go spectacularly supernova and in 1996 catastrophically collapse,”said Robert Metcalfe, the inventor of the ethernet. It’s ego-bruising to be the person who’s wildly wrong about that one prediction, but that hasn’t stopped people making bold bets about the future of Bitcoin. Here are some famous supporters and critics of the digital currency, in this graphic by Andre Gunawan.

Graphic: Who's bullish on Bitcoin? - www.nicenic.net

Editing by Steven Millward from Tech In Asia

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$2.8 million of premium .VIP domains sold in past ten days

MMX reports strong premium sales.


New top level domain company MMX (Minds + Machines) released a statement today about sales of premium domain names in .VIP. According to the statement, the company sold $2.8 million of premium .VIP domains in the past ten days:




Minds + Machines Group Limited (AIM: MMX), one of the world’s leading owners and operators of Internet Top-Level Domains (“TLDs”), is pleased to announce that since the release of its 2017 premium inventory for China in late June 2017, premium sales in excess of $3.4million have been achieved in .vip, of which approximately $2.8million has closed in the last 10 days.


The company will release financial results for the first half of 2017 later this month, and I’m sure it will provide more detail about its .VIP sales.


Source from Domain Name Wire


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The three types of companies at WHD.usa

Here are the types of companies pitching to webhosts.


The show floor at WHD.usa.

I’m writing this from a familiar place for the domain industry: the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. I’m surrounded by the exhibit floor at WHD.usa, a web hosting industry conference put on by the same group that now runs NamesCon (which will be in the same hotel in January).

The majority of companies sponsoring the event fall into three buckets:


Website builders – These companies, including Duda and CM4all, offer website builders for webhosts. Domain registrars and hosts need an easy way for their customers to create websites and become sticky customers. Installing and creating a WordPress site is too technical for many users, and that’s where these companies step in. They offer white label or branded website builders that hosts/registrars offer to their customers. Most of these use a proprietary building platform, but Boldgrid is an example of one that makes it easy to start a WordPress site.


Domain reseller systems – OpenSRS and Enom have a co-branded booth this time around as they are no longer competing with each other after Tucows acquired Enom. InterNetX and Ascio also have booths. .Com registry Verisign is the headline sponsor.


Backup and security – This is a big area. There are spam filtering companies, backup protection, security systems and more. Some of these companies sell directly to end users and others offer their services to hosting companies that, in turn, offer them to their hosting customers.


Of course, these are just the sponsors. Attendees include companies all around the hosting ecosystem including the hosts themselves.


Source from Domain Name Wire


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A big week for end user domain name sales

A six-figure sale leads Sedo’s sales list.


Sedo had a big week for end user domain name sales. I already wrote about Sedo’s biggest end user sale of the past week, WMP.com. It was acquired by a consulting firm called West Monroe Partners. Despite the $275,000 price tag, it was a great value.


Other buyers include a bank, the group behind the SAT, and a toy maker.


Here’s the list of end user domain sales I found:

(You can view previous lists like this here.)


WMP.com $275,000 – West Monroe Partners


CB.org $28,000 – The domain forwards to CollegeBoard.org, the group behind the SAT and AP tests.


Nissei.com $22,500 – An electronics seller that uses the domain name CasaNissei.com


bs2.com $19,000 – Banco Bonsucesso S/A. It’s a lot shorter than bonsucessoinformatica.com.br!


Setoo.com $10,000 – Kamet Ventures, an insurance technology startup incubator funded by AXA. This might be for one of its new portfolio companies.


Olono.com $8,000 – An artificial intelligence company called Olono has yet to launch, but forwards the domain to Olono.ai.


MagicColor.com $7,800 – Wenzhou Times Co is a Chinese toy maker.


HighlandParkHomes.com $7,000 – Breunig Realty Group in Dallas. Highland Park is an upscale area of Dallas.


BYBE.com $5,800 – BYBE Inc., and alcohol marketing company, shortened from BYBEapp.com.


Accelerant.co $5,000 – Digital marketing company Elevated, which owns Elevated.com. It might be for a client or a marketing campaign.


Techlandia.com EUR 4,900 – The whois record has privacy, but the nameservers switched to DemandMedia.com. This makes me think this will be a new site from Leaf Group, the new name for Demand Media.


Zensi.com $4,900 – The domain resolve to a site for Zensi Extracts and says it’s coming soon.


SumUp.jp $3,999 – SumUp Holdings S.a.r.L, maker of a credit card reader, bought the Japanese country code domain to match its .com.


WendyWhite.com $3,500 – A business coach named Wendy White.


AugmentedReality.ch EUR 2,990 – The domain is resolving to a Augmented Reality site PrimeLite


CellarSpace.com $2,650 – Wine Marketplace Pty Ltd in Australia.


LaScala.com EUR 2,100 – An Italian restaurant banquet center in Dublin, Ohio.


Source from Domain Name Wire!


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